Student Enrollment Process

New Students

Throughout the year ACSD #1 accepts new students to the district. Please contact your neighborhood school for enrollment assistance. To determine your neighborhood school, based on a family’s current address, please click HERE.

Next, click HERE to pre-register your student which begins the formal school enrollment process.

Returning Students 2023-2024

Please contact the school where your student will be registering. Once your student is active again in PowerSchool, you may log in to your PowerSchool Parent Portal account by clicking HERE to complete the formal enrollment process. If you have forgotten your login credentials, click on “Forgot Username or Password” from the PowerSchool Parent account login screen and your credentials will be sent to you if your email is valid.

List of Schools


Beitel: Jamie Fowler - (307) 721-4436

Centennial: Jamie Fowler - (307) 745-9585

Harmony: Jamie Fowler - (307)745-5720

Indian Paintbrush: Juliie Nutter - 307-721-4490

Linford: Jordin Mora - (307) 721-4439

Rock River Elementary: Tammie Sims - (307) 721-4265

Slade: Kristy Isaak - (307) 721-4446

Spring Creek: Jerri Rauer - (307) 721-4410

UW Lab School: Virginia Chai - (307) 721-2155

Snowy Range Academy: Cheryl Hubenthal - (307) 745-9930

Laramie Montessori: Christina Clar - (307) 742-9964

Middle School/Junior High

Laramie Middle School: Mary Jo Yost – (307) 721-4430

Rock River Junior High: Tammie Sims - (307) 721-4265

Snowy Range Academy: Cheryl Hubenthal - (307) 745-9930

UW Lab School: Virginia Chai - (307) 721-2155

High School

Laramie High School: Pam Fisher – (307) 721-4420

Rock River High School: Tammie Sims - (307) 721-4265

Whiting High School: Cara Woelk - (307-721-4449