Dual Language Immersion Program

The Dual Language Immersion program is currently in three schools in Albany County School District #1: Slade Elementary, Indian Paintbrush Elementary, and Spring Creek Elementary. Moving forward, students accepted into the program will be taught at Slade Elementary. Students currently in the program at Indian Paintbrush and Spring Creek will be the last classes to go through those schools in the DLI program.

Dual Language Immersion is a research-based, culturally-rich instructional experience where students will become bilingual, biliterate and global citizens. Proven benefits of DLI include second language skills, enhanced cognitive skills, increased cultural sensitivity, and improved performance on standardized tests.

There are two types of DLI programs: two-way immersion and one-way immersion. Two-way immersion occurs when 30-50 percent of students are native Spanish speakers. One-way immersion is predominantly native English speakers. In ACSD#1, we have one-way immersion program. Therefore, priority seats are given to native Spanish speakers who wish to be in the program.

In the DLI program, instruction is divided between two teachers (one English, one Spanish), that spend half their day with each group of students. In class, the Spanish teachers speaks only in Spanish, and teaches mathematics, Spanish language arts, and science. In the English classroom, students learn English language arts, social studies, and the reinforcement of mathematics knowledge and skills.