Whiting High School Events 11/21-11/25

Short Week for Thanksgiving!!!

Monday  November 21st – Will be a normal bell schedule.

Tuesday November 22nd – We will start at the normal time then begin an activity at the bowling ally then come back to school for our Thanksgiving feast. On Tuesday we will release students around 2:00 pm.

Remember there is no school for the Thanksgiving Holiday Wednesday November 23rd thu Friday November 25th.


Classes will resume on our normal bell schedule Monday November 28th… Have a Great Thanksgiving Holiday!!


We are changing our bell schedule this year to align better with the rest of the ACSD #1 community. Whiting High School will start one hour later starting in the fall of 2016. This opportunity to change our schedule also provided us with a few other promising incentives. For students that are in need of credit recovery opportunities Whiting will offer classes in the morning ( Zero Hour) to help students stay on track to graduate. We also hope that this change in the schedule will help with student attendance to provide a little more time for students in the morning. With this change we will still offer transportation to those that need it as well as Breakfast service to all of our students.

Zero Hour      7:55-8:45

1st Hour         8:50-9:40

2nd Hour       9:43-10:33

3rd Hour       10:36-11:26

Lunch             11:26-12:11

4th Hour        12:11-1:01

5th Hour        1:04-154

6th Hour        1:57-2:47

7th Hour        2:50-3:40

Late day Start Friday 1/6

Today we will have another late start. We WILL NOT have a Wizard Day today. We will follow the same schedule as yesterday.

Zero Hour 10:00 to 10:45
3rd Hour 10:50 to 11:35
Lunch 11:35 – 12:11
4th Hour 12:11 – 1:01
5th hour 1:04 – 1:54
6th hour 1:57 – 2:47
7th hour 2:50 – 3:40