Board of Education Seeking Community Feedback

Strategic Plan Open House

LARAMIE, Wyo. (ACSD#1) September 15, 2023 – The Albany County School Board is seeking feedback from community members about the proposed strategic plan.   An open house will be held on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 from 6:30-7:30 PM at the Laramie Middle School.  Please contact the Board of Education at for more information or with any questions.

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Parents of Rural Students May be Eligible for Mileage Payments

LARAMIE, Wyo. (ACSD#1) August 17, 2023 – Both Wyoming state law and Wyoming state board of education policy have made provisions for local boards of education to reimburse parents of public school students living in rural areas for certain transportation and relocation costs.

Student(s) residing three (3) or miles one-way from a school or bus route shall be eligible for transportation reimbursement. If the resident of the student(s) is at least three (3) miles from a school or bus route, mileage will be calculated starting from two miles from their residence while being transported to the nearest bus stop and two miles from the bus stop while being transported home. For parents who find it necessary to relocate during the school year in order for their children to attend school, Albany County School District One will pay part of the expense of their relocation.

State law requires that parent's sign a statement certifying that the "ability to earn a substantial portion of (their) family income is directly related to and enhanced by the family residing in the isolated location “in order to be eligible for reimbursement for transportation or maintenance expenses.

An application for reimbursement of transportation costs or maintenance costs for students living in isolated rural areas must be filed each year. Parents of students qualifying for reimbursement of costs must complete a form, "Application for Transportation or Maintenance of Isolated Pupils", and return it to the Albany County School District One Administration Office no later than Wednesday, September 6th for approval in September by the Board of Education.

Applications and additional information about this can be obtained by emailing the business office at or by calling Donella Romero at 307-721-4400.

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ACSD#1 Continues Partnership With The Cook Center For Human Connection

The district has been working with the Cook Center to provide resources to students, staff, and families this past year and will continue this partnership this coming school year. For more information please visit the Student Resources or the Student Safety pages.

2022 Culture & Climate Survey for ACSD#1
Hanover logo

Albany County School District #1 (ACSD1) seeks to cultivate a positive and supportive culture and climate across its district. In fall 2022, ACSD1 partnered with Hanover Research (Hanover) to design and administer a Culture and Climate Survey to assess education partners’ perceptions in key areas related to district culture and climate. A total of 2,700 individuals responded to the survey, including students, staff members, parents, and community members. This infographic provides a summary of the key findings of the survey analysis to inform the district’s education partners about the current state of school climate and culture in the district.

To view the survey, please click HERE.

Fertilizer & Herbicide Application Notices

Albany County School District #1 Grounds Crew will by spraying fertilizer and herbicides at several locations in June throughout the district. For further details please click HERE.