The staff at Rock River School are determined to deliver a ROCK SOLID EDUCATION to their students. We provide a rigorous curriculum to provide students the opportunity to be college and career-ready. Our students are also able to navigate and succeed in an ever-changing world through the dedication of our staff, parents and our community. Our staff believes in empowering our students to communicate effectively, to apply their knowledge, and to be independent in order to achieve academic, personal and career success.

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Absences Add Up

Your child’s daily, on-time attendance is critical to their success in school. And while some challenges to your child’s school attendance are unavoidable, it’s important to understand the impact of each absence.
A student is considered chronically absent if they miss only two days of school per month (18 days in a year), whether the absences are excused or unexcused. This is true for children as early as elementary school, when they are at a higher risk of falling behind in reading. Even one year of chronic absence can cause a child to fall behind academically and decrease a child’s chances of graduating from high school, which can have long-term consequences on their financial independence, physical well-being and mental health.
The good news? Attending school every day increases a child’s chances of success in school and in life.

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Rock River School – Secondary Education Course Offerings 2016-17

Rock River School – Secondary Education Courses 2016-17

English English 7th  English 8th Freshman Lit. American Lit. Drama as Literature Writers Workshop Poetry Survey of Fiction
Math Math 7th Pre-Algebra I Algebra I Geometry Algebra II Algebra III w/Trig Online Classes Available
Science Life Science Physical Science Chemistry I Biology I & II AP Chemistry STEM Guitar
Social Studies Civics History of Wyoming World History European Current Affairs History of War Modern American Studies I & II World Geography American History
Music Education Mixed Chorus  A Mixed Chorus B Elementary Band and Choir Guitar Ensemble Music Perspectives for 7th Grade Music Perspectives for 8th Grade
Business Newspaper Journalism Careers: Choices and Challenges Intro to Business 7th grade & 8th Grade  Digital Photography Intro to Microsoft Office/Adobe suite Video Game Design Yearbook
Spanish Elementary Spanish Spanish 7th Spanish 8th Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III Spanish IV


Agriculture for 7th Grade Agriculture for 8th grade Agricultural Mechanics I Advanced Ag Mechanics I Advanced Ag Mechanics II Agricultural Science I
Physical Education  Weight Training Elementary (everyday) Middle School P.E.  (Everyday) 9th Grade    P.E. Fitness For Life Middle School Health 9th Grade Heath
Art Education Intermediate Studio Arts Art Education for 7th grade & 8th grade Intro to Drawing and Painting I & II Intro to Pottery and Sculptures I & II Art for Elementary (full year) Independent Art