2019/2020 Registration Information

2019/2020 Curriculum Guide

Class of 2023 Information Night PowerPoint

Current Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Course Registration will begin Monday, February 18 and will be completed Wednesday, February 27 during I&E

Looking Ahead…

Wednesday, February 20th – Periods 2,4,6,I&E (Even/Full Day)

Thursday, February 21st – Periods 1-7 (All/Full Day)

Friday, February 22nd – Periods 1-7 (All/Full Day)

Monday, February 25th – Periods 1-7 (All/Full Day)

Tuesday, February 26th – Periods 1,3,5,7 (Odd/Full Day)

Wednesday, February 27th – Periods 2,4,6,I&E (Even/Full Day)

Thursday, February 28th – Periods 1-7 (All/Full Day)

Friday, March 1st – Periods 1-7 (All/Full Day)

Monday, March 4th – Periods 1-7 (All/Full Day)

Tuesday, March 5th – Periods 1,3,5,7 (Odd/Full Day)

Wednesday, March 8th – Periods 2,4,6,I&E (Even/Full Day)

Thursday, March 9th – Periods 1-7 (All/Full Day)

Friday, March 10th – Periods 1-7 (All/Full Day)

Monday, March 13th – Periods 1-7 (All/Full Day)

Tuesday, March 14th – Periods 1,3,5,7 (Odd/Full Day)

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Upcoming School Assessments

ACT – 11th – Tuesday, April 2nd

AP Exam Schedule – Week 1 (Select the link)

AP Exam Schedule – Week 2 (Select the link)

Wy-Alt – 9th & 10th – March 11 – April 24

Wy-Topp – 9th – ELA, Math, Writing – April 15th – May 10th

Wy-Topp – 10th – ELA, Math, Science – April 15th – May 10th

FREE ACT Test Prep

Laramie High School students have access to Free ACT Test Prep through Naviance! The program includes practice tests, study games, individualized study programs, and morePlease click HERE for more information.

Financial Aid 101 Website

For more information, click HERE

Athletics & Events…

Thursday, February 14th, 2019:

Nordic Ski @ State in Lander

Wrestling @ State in Casper


Friday, February 15th, 2019:

Nordic Ski @ State in Lander

Wrestling @ State in Casper

Indoor Track Last Chance Meet @ UW Fieldhouse

Girls Basketball vs South JV 4pm/Var. 5:30pm

Boys Basketball vs South JV 4pm/Sophomore 5:30pm/ Var. 7pm


Saturday, February 16th, 2019:

Nordic Ski @ State in Lander

Wrestling @ State in Casper

Student Safety is a Top Priority at LHS – Standard Response Protocol

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Click HERE for more information on the Standard Response Protocol (SRP)


Click Here to Report Concerns Confidentially

Plainsmen Rendezvous

For fresh Laramie High School news, updated daily, visit the Plainsmen Rendezvous website by clicking HERE. 

The Plainsmen Rendezvous strives to provide unbiased news in an easy to reach and credible manner. We support LHS journalism students, providing a platform for student writing, editing and publishing on their journey to develop journalistic skills and style in an ethical manner. Our news highlights the students, faculty and staff of Laramie High School. Check out the website at http://plainsmenrendezvous.org/

Laramie High School is a KIND school!Behavioral science research confirms that being kind toward others has powerful effects on individuals’ mental health and quality of life.
Having a kind and supportive environment sets the state for optimal academic learning.

What is Kindness? Click HERE to find out! For more information about the Ben’s Bells Project: https://bensbells.org/kindness-education

Mr. Kern’s Corner

Did you read the recent parent/guardian communication that was sent out? If you missed it, please click HERE to check it out.

Be Kind and Have a Great Day!

Clubs and Organizations

Laramie High School has a variety of clubs and organizations to get involved in. Most of them meet on a weekly basis and they all welcome new students! Please click HERE for more information.

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Graduation Day - May 24, 2019 - Class of 2019

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