Day: August 10, 2020

Letter to our Incoming Kindergarten Families

Hello and welcome incoming Kindergarten Families! My name is Dave Hardesty and I am the principal here at Linford Elementary School.  I am excited to welcome you to Linford and to provide some information to help your family plan for the upcoming school year.

In this communication, I want to share with you some "Big Rocks" about this upcoming year. I like the phrase "Big Rocks" because, when filling a container, the big rocks have to go in first before the smaller, more detailed rocks can be added to build a solid foundation.  We are diligently working on many of the finer details about re-opening the school this year which will be communicated to all of our families the week of August 10th.  

Please click on this link to view the letter: Letter to Incoming Kindergarten Families