Mrs. Taucher’s class has been raising and taking care of butterflies since the beginning of April!!!

Students have been able to watch and learn how a lonely caterpillar can transform into a beautiful butterfly.


And, this week the butterflies finally reached their maturity, and all the students got a chance to set their butterflies free.



So, if you happen to see a BUTTERFLY in and around Laramie, it just might be from Harmony Elementary School!!!




Reading Connection

We now have issues available for ALL LEVELS of readers from the READING CONNECTION Subscription.


Each issue is available in both English & Spanish for your children.

  • There is the EARLY YEARS for our K & 1st Graders.

  • The BEGINNING EDITION is for our 2nd & possibly 3rd Graders.

  • Finally, we have the INTERMEDIATE EDITION, which is for our 4th & 5th Graders.

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