ACSD#1 Technology Department Staff
Mission & Vision

Technology Department Mission

Support and empower the educational community with technological solutions that allow members to succeed and enhance teaching and learning.

Technology Department Vision

Expand educational potential by providing the necessary tools and opportunities for students and educators to be successful now and in the future.

How to get Technology Help

Need help? There are two main ways to get Technology Help.

Join a live online session during school hours.

The Technology Department has launched a new Virtual Helpdesk offering ACSD#1 faculty and staff quick and easy access to live help.

How To join a live session:

1: Login to ACSD#1's ClassLink

2: Navigate to the "District Resources" folder

3: Choose the icon "Tech-Help Live Session"

4: Click on a Technicians Name (A small app will download. Run the app)

5: Accept the permission from the app.

6: Chat with a live tech and describe your issue.


Submit a Ticket/Work Order for Technology Help

Submit a Ticket online and ACSD#1 Technicians will assist you.

How to Create a Help Ticket Request

1: Login to ACSD#1'sClassLink

2: Navigate to the**"District Resources" folder**

3: Choose the icon**"Tech-Submit Help Ticket"**

Acceptable Cloud and Desktop Application Use

18 days ago


In order to use the application you are trying to request, you must fill out an ACSD#1 Educational Technology Request form (see below).

You are being directed here because you are trying to access an application that has not been approved by ACSD#1 Technology.

Albany County School District #1 Technology refers to software and online content that is designed to enhance instruction as educational technology. Prior approval of online technology (referred to Software as a Service or SaaS) ensures the protection of Personally Identifiable Information and improves cybersecurity across the district.

In order to ensure student, faculty, and staff online safety during the use of educational technology resources and to be in compliance with the Student Data Privacy Act, ACSD#1 staff must obtain approval from administration for any FREE or PAID educational technology resource that will be used by anyone at ACSD#1.

Any educational technology resource that is a paid service requires approval from administration and technology.

Any free educational technology resource requires approval from technology to ensure the privacy policy of the resource aligns with the Student Data Privacy Act and the acceptable use policy set by ACSD#1 to ensure it is considered safe and secure for use (i.e., free from adware or viruses, encrypted connections, etc.), is a resource that will function within the ACSD#1 network, and to ensure that any rostering or student data can be managed by technology.

Additionally, requests for educational technology applications that require student or teacher login and integration with any synced service to utilize ACSD#1 credentials (e.g., Classlink, Active Directory, PowerSchool SIS, etc.), will require at least 45 days for technology to setup a sync and test functionality to ensure setup is as smooth as possible for teachers and students. Technology does not have the necessary resources to rush project implementation.

Please follow this link: ACSD#1 Educational Technology Resource Request to fill out the form to make a request to access an application not already approved by technology.