Land Surveyor Presentation and STEM Activity @ Centennial

Centennial Valley School students were treated to a presentation and STEM activity as part of Land Surveyors Week – March 20th-24th.

Brian Schmalz from Trihydro Surveying gave a presentation to Centennial students pertaining to the occupation and duties of land surveyors. Mr. Schmalz covered many aspects of the profession during his presentation to include required educational background as well as providing students an opportunity for a “hands-on” experience with surveying equipment and instruments. Students then completed a STEM activity in which they were required to use basic surveying techniques (triangulation) to locate a specific target on  a map using only measurement.

A great experience was had by all and we greatly appreciate Mr. Schmalz and Trihydro for their willingness to provide our students with an educational and enjoyable experience.

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