Day: April 7, 2021


Our school day will be extended by a few minutes beginning next Monday, April 12.

The new schedule will look like this:

Current Dismissal: Starting April 12th:
A-L 2:30 New Time: 2:45
M-Z 2:40 New Time: 2:50
Bus/Van 2:50 New Time: 3:00


Even though our survey support for this change was overwhelmingly in favor, we know that there are a few families that will struggle with the adjustment. If this is you, please contact your teacher or me directly. We have options within this schedule that can help. 

A quick note about schedules:

Several of you have asked about adding time to our morning rather than the afternoon dismissal. If this were possible we would certainly be looking to do so. Our morning drop-off is integrated into other district systems. Afternoons are more independent and make it possible for us to make Beitel-only changes.