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Choice Board 

These activities, found or created by 4th and 5th grade teachers at Spring Creek, will be available all week from May 25th to May 29th. The intent is for students to have a wide range of fun choices for the last week of virtual learning.  

Art and Math 

Analyze pieces of art for underlying math on a virtual tour and make your own piece of mathy art. Click this link to access lesson.   

 Problem Solving 

Test your ability to problem solve by trying some Plexers. These word-based puzzles describe a word or phrase without spelling it out. Click here to try. 


Watch the short video from Guernsey State Park about the Oregon Trail, then write a journal entry from the perspective of a kid on the Oregon Trail.  


Watch one of these Greek myths animated videos. 

The Myth of Prometheus 
Pandora’s Box 

Science Experiments 

Try some fun science experiments with materials you might have lying around your house. Clichere for directions. 


Small act of kindness-Do something kind for someone close to you.  This could be a family member or a neighbor.  (Kind note on the sidewalk, bake them some goodies, help with yard work) 



Listen to the poems “I’m Being Eaten by a Boa Constrictor” and “This is Just to Say” and write and share a poem in the same style.   

Click this link to access lesson.   


Create a Top Ten list:  
Books you want to read
Places you want to go
Things you want to do this summer 

Reflective Writing 

Write a short paragraph telling about your favorite memory from this school year. Click here for the directions. 


Guess the animal bone and go on a local nature hike.  

Click this link to access the lesson. 


Host a field day for your family! Click this link for ideasPost photos or tell about your experience here 


Create an acrostic poem using your name, or a summer word.  See example of acrostic poem here. 


Math Problem Solving 

Stretch your problem solving and computation skills by playing Number Cross Out.  

Spring Creek Crossword 

Read the clues and complete the crossword. All answers are related to 4th and 5th grade (teachers, activities, our school etc.).  You can print out this version, or try completing this online version. If you want a word bank for help, check out this one 

Countdown to Summer 

Complete this creative writing activity by making a series of lists. 


End the school year by expressing your gratitude! Share some messages of appreciation to the teachers and staff of Spring Creek. Click here to write your appreciation statements. 

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