Dave Hunter OWL Information

Lisa Theis writes:

Megan Plant and I would like to nominate Dave Hunter for an OWL award. We are well aware that the work that Dave does already has enough bumps in the road without us calling him to see about adding an additional stop to the routes of the bus drivers or changing a route because a student has moved. Dave is always so helpful in ensuring that our students are able to get to school even when this means completely changing a route, adding an additional driver or stop and braving the roads when traveling long distances. Our conversations happen most often over the phone and by email which means we don’t get to see the look on his face when we start explaining a situation, but I would bet that he always has a smile on even in the most challenging moments as Dave is always so pleasant and kind in his words. We are so grateful for him and we know that our parents are too because they know that their child/ren are in good hands. By making so many accommodations Dave ensures that our students are able to get to school and that they are able to remain in the amazing schools that they attend. In coordinating all of these routes Dave is letting out his inner art teacher and yoga instructor as he is very creative and definitely flexible. We appreciate all that he does!