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Laramie, July 15, 2016 (ACSD#1).  Superintendent Jubal Yennie announced today that school start times for Albany County schools would be adjusted this coming year to ensure greater efficiency for transportation services and provide for safer operations for ACSD#1 students.
An adjustment of school start times permits greater efficiency and less time on the bus for students in each school boundary cluster.  The adjustment also reduces the variability in start times across the district that caused special needs students to be on a bus for nearly 90 minutes a day.    Transportation Director, Randall Wilkison, commented that, “we discovered that in order to accommodate all the various start times, we were not efficiently getting special needs students to school due to transfers and drop off locations.”  An added benefit for making the start times more consistent is the ability to safely implement early dismissal due to severe, inclement weather if necessary.

The school district understands that schedule changes alter parents’ plans for daycare and other morning and after school arrangements.  Laramie daycare operators were consulted on the proposed changes, and the school district is poised to provide before and after school programs at city elementary schools to accommodate students and families.  Parents are asked to check the school and district websites for further information about school start and end times.   The following schedule has been posted on the district website, and will be on school websites by August 5, 2016. Parents can also contact the school principal for additional information.

City Elementary Schools              8:05 a.m.   -  3:05 p.m.

Laramie Junior High School       8:00 a.m.   -  3:00 p.m.

Laramie High School                    7:50 a.m.   -  3:15 p.m.

Rural Schools                                 8:00 a.m.   -   3:00 p.m.

First day of Classes

The first day of classes for grades kindergarten through 12th will be Thursday, August 25th.  This will be a half day for students.  Breakfast will be served, lunch will not be served.

Children who will be five on or before September 15th may enter kindergarten (Wyoming Statute 21-4-302(a) and (b)).
Children who will be six on or before September 15th may enter first grade.


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