Awards, Recognition, and a Little Surprise

LARAMIE, Wyo. (5/17/2022) – Albany County School District #1 teachers received honors during last night's Celebration Convocation held at Laramie High School. Years of service from 10 to 35 were recognized, as were retirees, tenure, National Board-Certified Teacher (NBCT), and Teacher of the Year awards.

Superintendent Dr. Jubal Yennie opened the ceremony to a large crowd, inviting them to enjoy a light dinner before awards and recognition were given. Board Chair Janice Marshall then welcomed attendees. Trustees Beth Bear, Nate Martin, Kim Sorenson, Emily Sigel Stanton, and Jason Tangeman presented awards for Years of Service, Retirement, and NBCT. Assistant Superintendent Debbie Fisher honored those who reached tenure. And Bryon Lee recognized members of the Albany County Education Association (ACEA).

Stepping outside of the evening’s program, Chairwoman Marshall and trustees surprised the audience by taking a few minutes to recognize the many contributions of retiring Superintendent, Dr. Yennie. The evening's events culminated in the Teacher of the Year awards, with Linford Elementary teacher Amy McManamen accepting the District Teacher of the Year award.

10 Years of Service

Anthony Brown

Gloria Christopherson

Scott Cronk

Gary Derbish

Loren Engel

Paige Gustafson

Rachel Huston

Bryon Lee

Molly Martin

Ashley McKinney

Jennifer Miller

Stacy Murphy

Ronald Ryan

Ellen Titensor

Darlene Toner

Jennifer Wiseman

15 Years of Service

Stacy Busch

Margaret Clay

Savannah Cowdin

Holly Cunningham

Justin Deegan

Erin Klauk

Kevin Kluz

Sharee Larsen

April Martin

Robert Mitchell

Julianne Nutter

William Plumb

Malinda Rasmuson

Amber Riffee

Marissa Satkunam

Anthony Schaneman

Sabrina Schaneman

Rebecca Stossel

Stephen Walters

Rebecca Watson

Stephanie Wodahl

20 Years of Service

Nichol Bondurant

Sandra Broyles

Donald Greene

Cindy Greenwald

Andrea Hayden

Meredith McLaughlin

Bruce Schmidt

Steve Sturdevant

Dewayne Tillman

25 Years of Service

Patricia Johnson

Ashley Koch

Debra Owens

Rebecca Slaughter

30 Years of Service

William Stuart

35 Years of Service

Cindy Kelly

Judy Roehrkasse


Kristle Agran (16)

Vicki Blake (26)

Diane Chamberlain (21)

Jeannine Collins (11)

Barbara Farley (27)

Capri Helgeson (27)

Robert Knapton (13)

Dennis Sanchez (19)

Scott Shoop (4)

Carol Uhl (27)

Angelice Varca (17)

Kelly Michelle Zitek (15)


Amanda Gribble

Abby Markley

ACEA Awards

Danielle Halsey: Certified Member of the Year

Shasta Rosales: ESP Member of the Year

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OUR VISION: Entrusting and empowering everyone to excel. OUR MISSION: Educate all students to achieve their highest potential, graduate, and succeed in life.

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New ACSD#1 Superintendent Dr. John Goldhardt Returns Home to the Mountain West

LARAMIE, Wyo. (May 12th, 2022) – The Albany County School District #1 Board of Education voted unanimously to approve a contract with Dr. John Goldhardt as the next superintendent during last night's regular board meeting. Starting July 1st, Dr. Goldhardt will be serving on an initial 2-year contract for $170,000/yr.

During a phone interview, Dr. Goldhardt stated,

"I am honored and humbled to be selected as the next superintendent of schools. My wife and I are looking forward to being part of the community, and I thank the trustees for their faith and trust. I was extremely impressed with every group I had the opportunity to meet with during the interview process: Students, parents, community members, teachers, support staff, leaders, and Board members. We all have a common interest in working on behalf of student success."

On May 11th, Board Chair Janice Marshall, announced via the District's YouTube channel the new appointment. She expresses the following,

"I am looking forward to working with Dr. Goldhardt. He is a strong, dynamic leader whose extensive experience in education as a classroom teacher, building administrator, and superintendent has prepared him well for the superintendent position in ACSD #1. The communication skills he brings will be helpful as we transition to his leadership.

I am grateful for Dr. Yennie and all that the district has accomplished with his leadership. Dr. Goldhardt will continue to move the district forward with student growth and achievement. His ability to work cooperatively with staff, students, and our community will be valuable as he gets to know our district and our community. The board's unanimous vote shows the confidence that we have in his abilities."

Dr. John Goldhardt is a 33-year educator with experience at multiple levels. Thirty of those years were in Utah and the last three in New Hampshire. He began his career as a high school teacher and then served as an assistant principal at the middle school and high school levels. Goldhardt was then a middle school principal, a university visiting professor of teacher education, and a high school principal. He then became a central office executive and superintendent.

Goldhardt earned his bachelor's degree in Interpersonal Communication and Reading Education from Southern Utah University, a master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Utah, and his doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He and his wife have been married for 33 years and are the parents of two grown sons.

About ACSD#1

OUR VISION: Entrusting and empowering everyone to excel. OUR MISSION: Educate all students to achieve their highest potential, graduate, and succeed in life.

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Laramie High School Mock Trial Represents at the Highest Level

Laramie, Wyo. (May 12, 2022)- The Laramie High School Mock Trial teams were ranked 32 of 46 this year, a nine-place improvement from 2019. One of the witnesses, Kieran Burns, ranked in the top ten national witnesses.

Two teams competed in the Wyoming High School State Mock Trial back in December, taking first and second place. Every state extended an invitation to each champion to compete in the National High School Mock Trial (

All students who had an active role on the state roster were welcome to apply to be considered for the national roster --nine students were selected. These students began rigorous case preparation, including ten evening scrimmages held before the three-day national competition. The parts of the attorney or witness were assigned to them for either the plaintiff or defense side of the case.

As the Mock Trial Teacher/Coach, Mrs. Whitney Martin was in charge of implementing the daily lessons, homework assignments, registration for competitions, and other activities. However, the program would not run without the help provided by some very generous individuals in the community.

Three attorneys from Corthell and King, PC - Erik Oblasser, Mike Bennett, and Rob Piper, spent countless hours instructing the students. These attorneys conducted multiple Zoom lessons in class on Fridays between state and national competitions. They also served as presiding judges for our many scrimmages with other states in preparations for nationals. James Learned, who was previously a lawyer, also worked with the students in the district.

The Mock Trial program at Laramie High School has something to offer all students. Those who are already involved in rigorous academic coursework and extracurricular activities have a chance to take their critical thinking, questioning, and oratory skills to the next level. Coach Martin stated,

"Even students who aren't necessarily interested in pursuing a career path in legal studies find the program worthwhile as it teaches and reinforces so many other worthwhile skills. Students who are looking for a challenge and want the opportunity to work with a terrific team should consider trying Mock Trial."

Laramie High School has developed a robust program these past few years, and they hope to grow their team to continue to represent Laramie and the state of Wyoming at the highest level. Follow the team on Instagram @LaramieMockTrial.

Hapi-Ness 5k Raises Funds for Local Families

LARAMIE, Wyo. (May 12, 2022) – The Laramie Middle School annual Hapi-ness 5k raised over $11,000 during their 37th running of the race held on Saturday, May 7th.

The Hapi-ness 5K is held every year in memory of a Hapi Patterson and LMS student we lost to cancer and is used to raise funds for those in need. This year’s race had 321 entrants and a record 31 race sponsors.

The weather was perfect and the LMS Student Leadership Team did a wonderful job of organizing and running the event. Dominic Eberle won the men’s division with a time of 18:10 and LMS’ own Sophia Gonzales earned the victory in the women’s division with a time of 24:01. The raised funds will be used to assist three Laramie families in need.

For the full report, click here.

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OUR VISION: Entrusting and empowering everyone to excel. OUR MISSION: Educate all students to achieve their highest potential, graduate, and succeed in life.

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Capturing Kids' Hearts National Showcase School Award

Laramie, Wyo. (May 10, 2020)- Rock River School is ACSD #1's second school to receive the Capturing Kids' Hearts National Showcase School! This recognition celebrates schools that go the extra mile each day to create social-emotional safety on school campuses conducive to learning.

For the past two years, teachers at Rock River have been implementing the CKH framework into their practices.

"We have worked with consultants regularly and have "Rock River-ized" their resources to best meet our students' needs. The CKH framework has helped our staff grow through professional development training, coaching, and personalized support from our CKH coach. Our team has been able to implement a relationship-driven culture with each other and our students."

Capturing Kids' Hearts is proud to recognize the outstanding educators, who have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the lives of our children. Please celebrate with us the remarkable work they have accomplished!

Laramie Middle School Named National Showcase School

LARAMIE, Wyo. (May 6, 2022)- Laramie Middle School receives a prestigious national award for their example in creating a safe and inviting place to learn and connect with fellow students, teachers, and staff.

Theodore Roosevelt is credited as the original orator of the line. However, John C. Maxwell made it relevant to education when he added 'students' instead of 'people,' stating, "students don't care what you know until they know that you care." For the last two years, Laramie Middle School has been utilizing practices from Capturing Kids' Hearts to create and sustain a culture of respect and belonging. As a result of these efforts, Laramie Middle School has been named a Capturing Kids' Hearts National Showcase School.

This award spotlights campuses that go above and beyond in creating a safe and welcoming environment where students are relationally connected to school and eager to learn. There are over 1700 schools that are eligible for this recognition, and LMS was one of only 376 U.S. campuses selected as a 2021-2022 Capturing Kids' Hearts National Showcase School. Because of the rigor of the evaluation process, the Capturing Kids' Hearts National Showcase School award is both a high aspiration and an exemplary recognition of excellence.

LMS uses CKH practices to support student connectedness, a relationship-driven culture, social-emotional wellbeing, and improved student outcomes. LMS teachers report:

---"Capturing Kids' Hearts has put processes in place with a common language, naming of tools, and research-based practices that allow this philosophy to flourish within our building. The connection between students and staff is evident and has led to a more welcoming and safe space for all."

---"Capturing Kids' Hearts has changed my teaching, and it's changed it for the better. It's changed the culture of my classroom. The social contracts the students and I create at the beginning of the year allow us to hold each other to standards of behavior that allow learning to be our focal point. Students know what to expect from me, and they know what I expect from them. Second, it's improved my relationships with my kids and their relationships with one another."

---"I love finding new and unique ways to greet my students as they come in the door. More than anything, my kids get the message that they are welcome, and I am glad to see them."

---"Really, using CKH practices is just good teaching, but Capturing Kids' Hearts provides the model that helps me to keep it more intentional." "I love that the CKH practices have become the practice throughout the school: at every meeting, in the halls, from the front office to the custodial office."

---"CKH allows the relationship with the student to be the first priority, which makes the learning more powerful and behavioral problems significantly less. CKH has positively impacted our school in so many ways, but the most important way is that students feel loved and therefore, their learning is progressing in more impactful ways."

Laramie Middle School is proud of its recognition as a National Showcase School. "CKH has been a really

effective umbrella that's allowed us to provide the connection and consistency that students need to be

successful. I'm proud of the progress we've made and where we're headed," said Kevin O'Dea, LMS

principal. "It's definitely a great time to be a Scout."

For more information on this award, go to

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Board of Trustees and Superintendent Meet on Budget and Health Insurance Topics

LARAMIE, Wyo. (May 4, 2022) The Board of Trustees of Albany County School District #1 met for a Work Session on May 4. The meeting was open to the public through YouTube.

Closed Meeting Action Items


The General Session commenced at 6 pm. Agenda topics included a Budget and Health Insurance review. Superintendent Dr. Yennie and the Board discussed fiscal management options for balancing the budget and giving a step increase to teachers. At the request of Dr. Yennie, the Board created a sub-committee to further discuss health insurance topics.

Looking Forward

The next Work Session will be held at the Central Office on June 1, 2022 at 6 pm. The agenda focuses on other budget efficiencies to include extra duty pay for various tasks, including an extended year and other district stipends, the School Resource Officer contract, student tuition for UW courses, various stipends for cell phones, DSL, mileage allocations, life insurance policies, and other efficiencies suggested by employees and stakeholders.

About ACSD#1

OUR VISION: Entrusting and empowering everyone to excel. OUR MISSION: Educate all students to achieve their highest potential, graduate, and succeed in life.

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Superintendent Search Enters Final Phase

LARAMIE, Wyo. (April 18, 2022) - Albany County School District #1 has entered into the final phase of its search to replace outgoing district Superintendent Jubal Yennie, who announced his upcoming resignation in February.

Over the next two weeks, ACSD1 school board trustees will review applications submitted by candidates, narrow the field to a group of finalists, and invite select candidates to visit Laramie for a series of interviews and public forums.

After the forums, and upon collecting feedback from stakeholders and community members, the ACSD1 Board of Education will offer a single candidate the job. The board’s final deliberations will take place in executive session on May 4. The announcement of the new superintendent will take place as soon as contract negotiations are complete.

Dr. Yennie plans to resign his position effective June 30.

ACSD1 Board Chair Janice Marshall stressed the importance of community participation in the process of selecting a new superintendent.

“The final decision about who will become our next superintendent ultimately rests with the school board,” Marshall said, “but it is critical that we hear the perspectives of district staff, parents, students, and our community. The board is only nine people, but this decision will shape public education in Albany County for years to come.”

During their visit to Laramie, each finalist for the superintendent position will participate in two separate forums: one for ACSD1 staff members, and another for the broader community. These events will provide opportunities for candidates to interact with educators, parents, students, and all Albany County residents.

Candidate visits are tentatively scheduled for Tues. - Thurs., April 26 - 28, subject to candidate availability. Dates will be finalized this week.

The public forums will take place from 6 - 7 p.m. on the day of each candidate’s visit, while staff forums will take place from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. All events will be at Laramie Middle School.

Marshall noted that forum attendees will have the chance to share their thoughts with the school board via feedback forms. Physical forms will be available at the events, and digital forms will be available on the ACSD1 website. She stressed that these feedback forms are one of the most important tools the board has for gathering input.

“When we hired Dr. Yennie, community feedback was incredibly important,” Marshall said. “I hope that anyone who is interested in public education in Albany County will attend these forums and share with us their thoughts.”

In addition to the forums, each superintendent candidate’s trip to Albany County will include visiting schools, interacting with students, and learning about Laramie and the wider community.


Janice Marshall, chair Albany Co. School District #1 Board of Education (307) 742-7202

ACSD1 stresses the importance of public participation as it enters the final phase of its superintendent search

Finalists for the superintendent position will participate in open forums for community members and ACSD1 staff next week.

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UW Top Tier Science Initiative

LARAMIE, Wyo. (April 13, 2022) – The Psychology classes had a visit from the UW Top Tier Science Initiative (formerly The Brainy Bunch). They came with a whole crew of students from UW to share about their research. They learned about research with mice and their circadian rhythms, research happening with addiction studying mice and cocaine use, tardigrades and protective proteins, the applications of mechatronics and microcontrollers in mechanical engineering and atmospheric science research in the central alps. All of this research is happening at UW! After the brief presentations and questions, the students moved around to stations. They used miracle berries to change their sense of taste, put on prism goggles and tried to toss a bean bag on a target, played some memory games, tried to label animal brain specimens and moved robotic arms with electrodes.

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Local Artist Visits Laramie High School

LARAMIE, Wyo. (March 29, 2022) – On Thursday, March 24 and Friday, March 25, local artist, Kelsey Giroux joined Laramie High School art classes as part of this springs' visiting artist series at LHS. She spoke with the students about her process, inspiration, and work on Thursday. On Friday, students participated in art workshops that focused on book building.

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Virtual Reality Changing How Math is Taught at LHS

LARAMIE, Wyo. (March 11, 2022) – If you walk into Laramie High School (LHS) and see students wearing virtual reality (VR) headsets, don’t worry; they’re just working on their latest math lesson. These VR headsets are changing the way math is taught at LHS, and the students are having fun while mastering new material.

“Everyone in Math Lab who has participated in VR had a passing grade first semester,” said Algebra teacher Jenny Taufa. “The students look forward to VR day, and once the students got use to how VR works, they are independent in the VR world. They are listening to the guide and working problems on their own, so students are very engaged.”

Laramie High School is running the VR program as a Beta test school. Superintendent Dr. Jubal Yennie and LHS math teacher Ariane Eicke approached Taufa after hearing a presentation from Prisms, the VR company. Since the Beta test was for Algebra I, the subject Taufa teaches, she was asked to run the test.

“I spent a week in July 2021 learning how to use the VR sets,” Taufa said. “Then, when we received the sets at LHS in mid-September, I worked with my co-teacher Kerry O'Dea and our tech team to set up the VR headsets and get them running for class.”

Since then, Taufa has used the headsets to help teach such topics as linear functions, system of equations, statistics, exponential functions, and quadratic equations. While learning these topics, Taufa’s students complete lessons in real-world environments by using the VR headsets.

“For example, the students have just finished the lesson on systems of equations,” Taufa said. “In this lesson students became air traffic controllers. Their first few tasks were to organize planes taking off and landing they wouldn't crash in a game format. Then students work in a lab environment to develop their understanding of systems of equations as an air traffic controller. They must write linear equations to allow planes to take off without crashing.”

Essentially, Taufa is using the VR lessons to extend what is taught in the normal Algebra I curriculum. She teaches the topic in class, then uses the VR headsets to give the students a chance to apply what they just learned in a real-world scenario. This helps students retain what they have learned.

“The math they are doing in VR is the math we do in the classroom, but in a format that is unique and challenging,” Taufa said. “It has been an interesting experiment for my students, and they have taken their roles as Beta testers seriously.”

The VR program also lets Taufa track students’ progress on her computer. She can also answer questions students may have without them needing to take off the headsets. But, as the students use the headsets more, Taufa is seeing fewer and fewer questions being asked.

“I am excited to try VR with students,” Taufa said. “I think we need to engage students with technologies that are a part of their everyday lives (or becoming more a part of their lives), and students have responded to this technology.”

Taufa hopes to continue using the VR programs in the future and incorporate it into all of Algebra I, not just the Math Lab.

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ACSD#1 Announces Location and Hours of Operation for Optional COVID-19 Testing Site for Students and Personnel

LARAMIE, Wyo. (February 25, 2022) – Albany County School District #1 has announced that it will offer optional COVID-19 testing to district students and personnel in a minimally occupied modular building at Linford Elementary School.

The testing days and times are as follows:

·Monday: 7 a.m. – 12 p.m. AND 3:30 p.m. – 6: 30 p.m.

·Tuesday 7 a.m. – 12 p.m. AND 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

·Wednesday: 7 a.m. – 7:45 a.m. AND 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

·Thursday: 7 a.m. – 7:45 a.m. AND 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

·Friday: 7 a.m. – 7:45 a.m. AND 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

These testing days and times are designed to help students and staff have multiple options to get a COVID-19 test if they are feeling ill, or if they are hoping to participate in the “Test to Stay” process that the District started in January.

Parking for individuals is available on the “100” block of South Grant Street. See THIS IMAGE for where to enter for testing.

If anyone has any questions, you can contact your school’s nurse for more information.

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