Lunch and Breakfast Program

Regular Lunch and Breakfast Program to Resume August 26th

ACSD #1 will make Regular Breakfast and Lunch meals available for students through the USDA National School Breakfast and Lunch program in all reopening and closing Tiers (Open, Hybrid, or Closed) in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

All meals are now free for students until June 30, 2021. Families who qualify for Free or Reduced Meals must reapply by October 1st.

Please click HERE for instructions on applying for Free or Reduced meals

Add Funds to Student’s Lunch Account HERE

-All food will be prepackaged and served in disposable containers and handed to the students, no self-serve food will be provided

-Disposable Utensils will be wrapped and given to students for each meal

-Milk and Juice will be handed out with the meals

-There will be two options for Elementary students per day Hot and Cold entrees

-Secondary Schools will have two options and an ala carte line

-Laramie Middle School and Laramie High School Students who are on the A/B schedule will be able to pick up the next day’s meal on the day they are in school and their account will be charged

-Social Distancing markers will be on the floors for the meal lines

-Cleaning and sanitation protocols will meet or exceed USDA, state health department, and federal food service guidelines.

-A sack lunch will be made available on half days

Parents whose children are engaged with Classroom Based Virtual Instruction may pick up lunches in accordance with USDA Food Service guidelines at the Central Kitchen during designated times.

Meals can be ordered the day before.

Please click HERE to order a meal.

Lunch Procedures

-Students and staff will wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after every meal.

-Schedules will be created to stagger movement at incremental intervals to minimize the number of persons in the hallways and common lunch spaces.

-Common-space microwaves will not be available for student use to warm lunches. Refrigerators will also not be available for student lunches.

-If common areas need to be used, mealtimes will be staggered to create seating arrangements with six feet of distance between students.

-Open selection of food (salad bars, self-serve stations) will be closed.

If the district schools are closed (Tier III) meals will be provided as Grab-n-Go which will be delivered in various locations throughout the district similar to what was done during school closure in April and May and during the summer months.