Gifted & Talented

Our Gifted and Talented classes serve highly academic/creative students by providing differentiated instruction and an opportunity to interact with ability level peers. There are 2 classes (grades 3 – 5) located at Spring Creek Elementary.  A teacher within the GATE Program provides the students full time, daily instruction.  In addition, these magnet classrooms have regularly scheduled Art, P.E., Music, Library, and Counseling classes.

Students are selected based on indicators of success in the program using specific GATE testing criteria. A combination of verbal and non-verbal assessments have been chosen to best identify highly qualified students through a non-biased, holistic manner. If deemed appropriate once testing is completed, recommendations for admittance into the GATE Program will be made by the GATE Committee. Equal access is provided to culturally diverse students, students of different economic levels, and students with special needs.

The screening window for new GATE students opens in November and usually concludes in January. You or your child’s teacher may recommend your child for this program during this period.  Upon receipt of a referral, we will begin an assessment process that may take several weeks.  Once assessments are completed, the GATE Committee will make a placement decision.


Brooke Spicer – Grades 3/4

Andrea Hayden   – Grade 5

For more information about our program or to submit a referral, please contact Amanda Barham at (307)721-4410