Day: September 30, 2019

Whiting High School - An Alternative High School Program

Whiting High School is a school of choice. Whiting High School is a place for learning.  The primary purpose of our school is to help students learn and prepare for a successful and productive future.  The teachers, staff, and administrators in this building are dedicated to this purpose.  With a commitment to a quality learning experience and hard work, students will develop a solid learning foundation on which to build and meet their goals.  As students, teachers, administrators, guardians, and parents, we all have important responsibilities in each of these roles. We value personal and academic excellence and demonstrate respect for ourselves, our school, and our community through positive attitudes, behaviors, and relationships.

WHS has a very low teacher to student ratio and the staff is dedicated to building strong relationships with each student and giving high support to each student.  We have a saying at Whiting, “With high expectations comes high support.”  Whiting students eat school meals for free, thanks to a generous community grant.  Our food is prepared on campus with attention to quality and quantity for high school age students. WHS is on a quarter system where students are able to accrue credit each quarter instead of each semester.  WHS excels in a culture of community and character.  Whiting High School is a school where it is okay for a student to be themselves; we support and celebrate diversity.