Day: October 5, 2018

Whiting High School Pilot HiSET Prep Program 2018-2019

The WHS HiSET Preparation Program will allow at-risk students to stay enrolled in high school while they study for, then take, the HiSET – at no cost to the student.

The district is given credit from WDE if the student successfully passes the HiSET.

This program will serve students over the age of 15 who are disengaged from education.  Our intent is to reduce the time between dropping out and attempting. LHS and WHS counselors report that students drop out and tell us they are going to get a HiSET diploma.  We know that the majority of students fail to act on that intent.  This program will “catch them” before they become opportunity youth.

Our program will provide shoulder to shoulder tutoring, case management, coaching and scaffolding.  The program will also have a component of counseling and skill development for students concerning future planning.  Students in the is program will be enrolled at WHS in a class named. College and Career Preparation. Funding from ACSD#1 Title IV grant, has been secured to for the pilot for staffing and computers.

Purpose and Intent:

  • Whiting serves those students who can graduate on time once attendance or behavior problems are addressed; 2) those who simply need to recover credits to graduate on time; and 3) those who are over-age and under-credited and at highest risk of dropping out. The goal with the first two groups is to help them earn a traditional diploma. For the third group, WHS will step in to provide one-on-one educational work, student supports, tutoring through the HiSET, and help planning for the future.

Following an interview, if WHS HiSET Program is the right fit, the student moves into orientation. After an academic assessment, using pre-assessments-, Our program coordinator asks students about barriers holding them back, and about goals five or ten years in the future.  After that initial sit-down, the program coordinator and student map out individualized plans, which change as the student masters each topic and moves closer to being ready to take the actual test.

Students who pass or do not pass the HiSET are encouraged to stay at WHS, working with post-secondary transition coordinators, who walk them through college financial-aid paperwork and course schedules, employability skills, securing employment or trade school options, to determine what’s possible, given work schedules, daycare, academic abilities, financial aid, and transportation.

Personalized attention — “a connection with a competent, caring adult” — and long-term planning are key hallmarks in programs.  Work Force, work to learn.  Importance of long range goals and support.  A personal connection.  Tutor, Life coach, Advisor, transportation, contact for Wrap Around Services, and other existing agencies.


Students can achieve their goals in HiSET preparation (reading, writing, math, social studies, and science) through a variety of methods. Instruction is blended learning, one-on-one or in small groups. The students will sign up for a HiSET account at


Class meeting times:  Monday through Thursday.  12:50 – 3:15 and 4:10 to 6:10 at WHS.

Students who are not currently enrolled in ACSD#1 will enroll at Whiting High School. Students from other high schools will transfer to Whiting.

Students on an IEP may attend this program at LHS with administrative approval.

Student transportation will be provided when needed to attend this program.

This is a program for students 16-21 years of age.

The students program typically takes 12 weeks of preparation, but the program will be individualized and digital so a student may prepare in lesser time or more time, depending on the individual’s readiness and circumstances.  The Pre-Test results may prompt a conference to guide the student to an alternate pathway for success.

Please call if you have further questions.

Program Coordinator, Paul Weaver – 307 871-2241

WHS Principal, Scott Shoop   307 921-3241 or 307 721-4449