Loren Engel

Welcome to the Mr. Engel page at Valley View Elementary School! Our school includes children from all around the Little Laramie Valley between Laramie and Centennial,Wyoming. We are a tiny school with a handful of kids and some really neat adults.

Both Tanya Engel and I came to Laramie from the State of Washington in 2011. We quickly found a home among friendly people and talented professionals. Both our son and daughter are students at the University of Wyoming. Mrs. Engel and I have also become graduate students at UW. I trust that you will find educational opportunities in Laramie to be high-quality and easy to access just as we have.

Since our arrival I’ve learned to ski, started riding a motorcycle, and have been a local football referee since 2012. We enjoy Laramie and all that it has to offer very much!

Please do feel free to contact me with questions or thoughts about our school.

Loren Engel

Valley View Elementary Principal