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All resources listed here are Free as of 5/25/2020. Free access may change as the school year ends at different times across the country. I’ll do my best to keep the information updated, but nothing here should require giving credit card information. If payment information is requested, read the instructions carefully. If you opt for a free trial YOU are responsible for cancelling when the trial expires.

GOWYLD from the Wyoming State Library. Students use research databases on GoWYLD directly from school for no charge. To read ebooks using one of the many services (Overdrive, Libby, Icloud, for example) an individual library card is needed.

There are many e-resources that are always free with your library card. Library cards are free to Wyoming residents, and you can apply for one online or over the phone. Contact Albany County Public Library if you decide you’d like to get a library card.

For some resources, you can use the following generic login. For example, for BookFlix you can either use:

BookFlix : your library card number plus your password.

or If you don’t have a card yet use:

library barcode: wyoschool                     password: wyld

Limited time freebies on GoWYLD

Free for Now resources.

During the COVID-19 closures many book and research databases made their online materials free for students. The expiration of free service varies from product to product, but this link will take you to those that are currently available.

From Slade

Epic! for school is FREE  until June 30th.  You should have received an e-vite to set up a parent account in March or April. From the e-vite you create a parent account and there is NO REQUEST for credit card info. If you can’t find your e-vite, email me at and I’ll resend the info.

Beginning July 1st the same PARENT login that you’ve been using will take you to their summertime service

Epic! Free

The summertime offering doesn’t have as many books to choose from, and it limits usage to 2 hours/week. We’ll have our student account

If you don’t use the e-vite link, you are able to set up a free trial any time BUT credit card information is required. If you don’t CANCEL after your FREE TRIAL, you will be billed $7.99/month.


link username password
Epic! for school is FREE  until June 30th. Read-alouds, audio books, video books & independent. e-vites have been sent!

One parent account for all students in the family.

Create an account, use your access code, make your own password!
Capstone Interactive

FREE through June 30th

Read independently or follow along as stories are read to you.

sometimes these accidentally get logged out.

username: continue



password: reading

PebbleGo primary grades

FREE through June 30th

sometimes these accidentally get logged out.

username: engaged



password: learning

PebbleGoNext upper grade

FREE through June 30th

sometimes these accidentally get logged out.

username: engaged



password: learning

Scholastic Learn at Home no usernames or passwords, some printed materials, selected BookFlix & activities
TrueFlix and ScienceFlix for non-fiction reading. There are other links here, too! no usernames or passwords scroll down the resources on the Families page

Families with students in Preschool-2nd grade will also be able to sign in to this online resource:

StoryBlocks Songs, rhymes, and fingerplays appropriate for early childhood.

Teach Your Monster to Read

use this link for laptops or desktops. For mobile devices, Slade’s Star Code is 831760

From the link or APP, enter your child’s screen name. Each student uses their FULL first name (not a nickname) plus the FIRST initial of their last name.



Go Wild searching in GoWyld!

see below to set up your account using your public library card!

Try using your library card number plus the password: WYLD

If you don’t have your own library card:

username: wyoschool

password: wyld


Albany County Public Library Information


information for children’s activities & events via the library


Albany County Library Virtual Events Calendar


online storytimes and author visits


Searching the Internet, beyond Google and GoWYLD 

A search engine is a tool to navigate Information on the Internet.

This page provides links to a variety of search engines designed for student use. Try these links instead of Google if you’re looking for kid-focused resources.

When you find a web site, remember to think about the quality of information! Use your background knowledge and ask yourself: does this information make sense, or does something seem wrong? Who wrote it? Are they experts in this field? Is the information an opinion or is fact based? Look for a Link (usually at the bottom of the web site) that says “About” or “About Us”. Happy searching!