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Alexandria, Slade’s online book catalog program, is a search tool for finding books on the school’s library shelves. The library search has a different look this year, and we’ll be learning in class the best way to use the new Alexandria.


GoWYLD is a collection of databases funded by the Wyoming State Legislature and managed by the Wyoming State Library. GoWYLD K-8 are databases that are especially helpful for older elementary and middle school students. Students can access these databases directly from school.

From home they’ll need a username and password. If your family has a library card from the public library, contact Albany County Public Library for your unique library number and PIN. If you do NOT have a library card, contact Mrs. Boss at and she’ll help you get connected.

Beyond GoWYLD 

A search engine is a tool to navigate Information on the Internet.

This page provides links to a variety of search engines designed for student use. Students learn how to evaluate and choose the best resource for their needs during library/lab time.