Summertime expectations: read what you enjoy. has lots of great resources you can use with your public library card. If you don’t have a library card, you can use the school password this summer. See how to use it where it says “PASSWORD!“, down below.

The Wyoming State Library and the Wyoming State Legislature pays the subscription so Wyoming residents may use these sites, so you need to know the password.

Here’s the link for the best resources for Kids K-8. This includes links to Britannica Online and BookFlix, among others!

PASSWORD! When you click the link you want, you might get this page where you need to enter the secret information. 

“Enter library card number” type in WYOSCHOOL

“PIN” type in WYLD


District Librarians borrowed a video from

Kekaha Elementary School in Hawaii

to introduce our Summer Reading video. Enjoy!

Come On And Read With ME!  Summer Reading Video!

I’d love to hear about what you’re reading!

Battle of the Books:

We haven’t decided EXACTLY which books will be part of 2020-2021 Battle, but click here for some of the possibilities.


4th/5th grade possibilities

3rd grade possibilities


A virtual picture book library honoring Black Lives.

Book covers link to copyright compliant read alouds




Fiction? Non-fiction? Whatever you enjoy, keep on reading! Because learning is fun. Links to books and articles: fiction, non-fiction, current events.


Apply what you learn! Try new things, troubleshoot, problem solve, practice, fail …. and try again! Links to educational and skill building games and activities: keyboarding, coding, math 


Slade is a community that promotes kindness to self and others every day. Mrs. Tennant, Mr. Plant, and Mrs. Boss have been working with students this year to take time for mindfulness. We manage our mind and our bodies to be the best we can be.

The public library is closed to walk-in traffic, but they have people available by phone or email to help! Monday-Friday, 10AM-6PM. You can even get a library card over the phone! Contact them!

Albany County Library: Children online recommendations!

 contact Mrs. Boss


  • I am ready to learn from many different resources, activities, and experiences.
  • It’s OK to make mistakes! I try new things, then try again if I need to!
  • I understand and can show how to care for books, devices, and friends.
  • Cyber safety and citizenship is understood and practiced.
I  INDIVIDUAL                         RESPONSIBILITY
  • I focus on my job and do my best work.
  • When I have a job to do, I am not distracted by outside influences.
  • I return books on time and in good condition.
  • I handle electronic devices appropriately.
  • I know when it’s appropriate to collaborate with classmates …
  • … and when to work independently.
  • I can problem solve and trouble shoot.
  • I figure out where books live in the library and check them out independently.
  • I explore new activities using electronic devices and hands on tools.
  • If I run into problems I try to figure out how to fix it.
  • I don’t give up, but I know it’s OK to ask for help after I’ve tried my best.



Slade Destination: Imagination

What are you doing at home? What are you reading? Keep me informed by email or by phone. My office hours will be from 1-3 Monday-Friday. If you leave a message I’ll get back with you ASAP.


Taught By

Janet Boss

Room 103 Destination: Imagination

Office Hrs:
Destination: Imagination is open Monday-Thursday from 7:35 am – 3:30 pm during the school year.