Janet Boss



As the librarian at Slade Elementary School, I am lucky to teach all of the students at Slade, from PreK – 5th grade.

I’ve been Slade school librarian since 2008! Before that I worked as the children’s librarian in several public libraries, and w-aaaaay back I was a researcher at a newspaper in Denver, Colorado. I have loved all my jobs and learned so much from my life as a librarian. Being at Slade Elementary School is my best job yet!

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Our three guiding EXPECTATIONS in Library are:


Students are encouraged to read, read, read! All kinds of fiction and informational texts, and using many different media including print books, kindle e-books, and online databases!


Research involves using print and online resources. The amazing tools made available by the Wyoming State Library with GoWYLD.net (password: your public library card #; username: wyld) are a primary focus, but students also learn about the importance of being discerning and choosing appropriate resources from the world wide web.

Explore & Create

Students of all ages learn the basics of coding, programming, and how technology impacts our lives. Makerspace and digital creation are a few of the ways students can express themselves and share what they have learned.

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Personal Message

Feel free to contact me for reading or technology ideas, or to share your ideas and creations with me. Contact via email or phone (307-417-0362).

I’m very excited about the Mindfulness classes that I’m teaching in collaboration with the PE teacher, Mrs. Tennant and the Guidance Counselor, Mr. Plant. Our students are learning excellent skills about self-regulation and controlling mind and body when faced with daily frustrations.

In addition to working with Slade students, I am part of the district-wide Librarians PLC. Our librarian team has been developing standards and expectations for all students in ACSD1. We’ve given presentations at state conferences, and to our local school board.

Office Hours

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time on the computer, so I usually see my emails and text messages pretty quickly. I’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible, but my official office hours will be from 1-3 PM.

Stay safe, keep reading, and be mindful of yourself and others. #chooseKIND