Gus, a Laramie dog was born a little different. But now he has the opportunity to get a custom prosthetic device that will allow him to walk, that’s right, walk for the first time in his life! He may seem like the happiest puppy out there, but the challenges he faces daily are hard to describe. He can’t eat out of a bowl like a normal dog, walk down the stairs like a normal dog or even go to the bathroom like a normal dog. Melody Rezzonico, Gus’s owner, has been fortunate enough to get an appointment with Derrick Campana at Animal Ortho Care in Sterling, Virginia.  The casting for his prosthetic is all done, and will be in the building stages here soon! The prosthetic is going to be even cooler than predicted. He will have multiple attachments for different terrains. The first one we will be getting is a sled, so he can zoom around with his puppy friends this winter! The whole process will take approximately 2 months, but it is going to be worth the wait!  All the donations will go directly to the cost of his prosthetic leg, and the rest will be donated to Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR).  The people at this organization are some of the most caring people you will ever meet and the work they do daily is simply amazing.

Spring Creek Student Council is raising money to help Gus get prosthetic legs! To kick off our support for Gus, students may purchase candy canes and hot chocolate for $1.  Watch for the order/delivery date in December!

Friday, December 14th is Stuffed Animal Day for Gus.  Students may bring a favorite stuffed animal to school along with a donation to help Gus.  Collection jars will be available throughout the school.   

Gus and Melody are scheduled to visit Spring Creek on Friday, December 14th