Mission Statement

The Foundation of Laramie Middle School

Our Mission: Scouting Success Together. We will create an environment where students feel safe and valued so that all students can achieve the high levels of learning required to be successful.

Our Vision: We believe the most promising strategy for achieving the mission of our school is to SCOUT out ways to empower students with the skills necessary to achieve their greatest potential.

Seek out and implement research based practices to further student achievement.
Celebrate everyone’s journey.
Offer diverse opportunities to inspire all students to embrace life-long learning.
Unite the community toward common goals through collaboration with all stakeholders.
Track and assess student progress while providing authentic feedback to enhance student growth.
Support a safe and encouraging learning environment for all students.

Collective Commitments: In order to fulfill our fundamental purpose and become the school we describe in our vision statement each member of the staff commits to the following –

We will create a welcoming and safe environment for all students, staff, and families.

We will be fully present in all interactions with staff, students, and parents.

We will collaborate to use best practices and strategies to ensure student success.

We will hold all students to high standards in academics and behavior.

We will celebrate both student and staff success.