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Welcome to Laramie Middle School the home of Scouts!

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At Laramie Middle School our mission is “Scouting Success Together.”  We believe that every student can learn and achieve at a high level. Our job, in concert with families, is to provide students with the structure and support they need to be successful.

The administrative team has a variety of responsibilities. We work with students, staff, and families in building and sustaining a culture of respect and belonging, serve as curricular leaders, help manage the building, work with staff to build quality educational experiences for all LMS students, and coordinate with community partners to make each student’s middle school experience the best it can be.

Middle school is a time of exploration and discovery as students explore who they are and what interests them. It is our hope that all students will actively participate in their education by joining band, choir orchestra, student government, an athletic team, or any of the other activities we offer at LMS in addition to coming to school prepared and ready to learn each and every day.  Co-curricular activities enhance the school experience and help students prepare for high school and beyond.

Our theme for the 2020-2021 school year is “The race for excellence has no finish line.”  This school year has challenges we haven’t faced in the past.  However, with every challenge, comes opportunity.  We have the privilege to work together to pursue excellence and become better students, teachers, friends, artists, athletes, and people each and every day.  Our race for excellence will be tough, but anything worth doing takes effort, determination and persistence.  By the end of the school year, we’ll have grown in knowledge, friendship, and humanity.  It’s truly a race worth running. 

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