New Student Enrollment

New Student/Transfer Student Enrollment Steps

  1. Contact the LHS counseling office at 307-721-4488. You will be asked to complete an Authorization to Release Records request in order to obtain records from the student’s previous school. The completed Authorization to Release Records form needs to be completed in the counseling office where it will be processed and sent to the student’s previous school. We need official transcripts and immunization records in order to continue the process of enrollment.
  2. Go to the ACSD website in order to complete the online registration form.
  3. When LHS receives the student’s records, the school will contact you to set up an appointment with the student’s counselor. This appointment will include:
    1. Transcript evaluation – explanation of how we transferred previous classes and an overview of the student’s new LHS transcript.
    2. Graduation requirements – discussion of LHS graduation requirements and what is still needed to complete them.
    3. Scheduling classes – based on what is needed, schedule required classes as well as elective classes.
    4. School tour – take a tour of LHS and get information about the student’s locker and daily schedule.