LHS School Nurse


LHS Nurses’ Contact Information:
Kirsten Quillinan RN, BSN
721-4420, Emergency #: 911
Bess Woodhouse RN, BSN, MS
721-4420, Emergency #: 911
A note from the LHS School Nurses, “All student health records are maintained in accordance with HIPAA/FERPA laws and regulations.” For more information on these regulations, check out the following link https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/index.html.

Per Wyoming State Law, all students must have a current immunization record or exemption/waiver on file within 30 days of school starting or your students enrollment date. Students missing vaccinations after the 30 days will be excluded from school and/or sports and activities.

Information about vaccine requirements and exemptions/waivers can be found on the Wyoming Department of Health’s Vaccine Website: https://health.wyo.gov/publichealth/immunization/



ACSD1 does not allow the nurse to give medication to students without written permission. Students cannot have medication on them at school or during off campus school activities without paperwork on file in the nurse’s office. The nurse does not keep stock medications, therefore, all medications (prescription, over the counter, vitamins, cough drops, etc.) need to be supplied by the parent. All medication must be kept in the nurse’s office unless otherwise instructed by the prescribing doctor.
(Please select a link below to access a form)
Health Care Plans:
Some students have medical needs that require a health care plan, these needs include but are not limited to: asthma, food & anaphylactic allergies, seizures, diabetes, mental health, migraines, etc… If your child needs a health care plan, please contact me and we can start the process. If your child already has a plan in place, please contact me to update information. Proper documentation must be in place for medical intervention to occur.


(Please select a link below to access a form)
Asthma Action Plan

Diabetic Action Plan
Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan
School Health Care Action Plan
Seizure Action Plan
Seizure Questionnaire


Student Registration:
All students must have a completed online registration through School Forms on PowerSchool. This information is sent to our school computer system and becomes available for the nurse to view. Completing the student registration and/or contact from the parent or guardian is the ONLY way I can get information about your student. If School Forms is not completed or you do not contact me, I have no way of knowing about your student’s health history, allergies, emergency contact information, etc. Click HERE for information on how to register your child.