LHS Nordic Skiing

As of 11/13/2020

***Please be aware that all Winter Schedules are VERY tentative and will most likely change early and often. Continue to check this web page as well as with your coaches for the most up to date information. Seasons may be cancelled at any time due to county or state health concerns. Spectator allowance will also be a fluid situation.***

Nordic Skiing begins November 16th, 2020

Nordic Ski 2020-2021
4-Dec Laramie 5k Skate 1:00 PM
5-Dec Laramie 3x3k Classic 10:00 AM
11-Dec CMBC/Casper 5K Skate TBD
12-Dec CMBC/Casper 5K Classic TBD
18-Dec Casper 3x1k Night Relay 4:00 PM
19-Dec Casper 7.5k
5k – JV
Classic 10:00 AM
8-Jan Pinedale 7.5k Skate 1:00 PM
9-Jan Pinedale 7.5k Classic 10:00 AM
22-Jan Jackson ? Classic 1:00 PM
23-Jan Jackson 7.5k Skate 10:00 AM
5-Feb LANDER 5 K FREE 1:00 PM
6-Feb LANDER 6.5 K CLASSIC 10:00 AM
12-Feb Cody 10k Skate 1:00 PM
26-Feb State CASPER 5k Classic 10:00
27-Feb State CASPER 10k Skate 10:00 AM

Coaching Staff

Head Coach – Rebecca Watson

Assistant Coach – Brian Sebade

                Assistant Coach – Meghan Kent


**Important Information:
A physical and signed code of conduct form MUST be on file before an athlete will be allowed to practice! Forms can be downloaded from the website and are available in the Activities and Athletics Office