Laramie High School Counseling

What does your School Counselor do?

When you begin your experience at Laramie High School, you are randomly assigned a school counselor that will work with you through graduation. As school counselors, we hope to be an integral part of your educational team and can assist you with personal counseling, college and career preparation, disability supports, conflict resolution, course planning and many other things. We like to think that we are here to help you overcome any obstacle you encounter on your path to graduation and planning for what comes next in life. We look forward to working with you and invite you to stop by to see us anytime.

Meet your friendly School Counselors

Kim Dale

School Counselor - Team Lead

Jason Uitterdyk

School Counselor

Sherri Hogsett

School Counselor

Bryon Lee

School Counselor

Laramie High School Registrar

The Registrar is a crucial member of the counseling office team. The Registrar is often a student or family's first contact at the high school and helps ensure that all student records are up to date and accurate. In addition, the Registrar assists students with counseling appointments, transcript requests, grade reports, PowerSchool logins, and any general questions students have.

Pam Fisher


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