Mission Statement and Vision


    To serve as a model for effective, learner-centered,
K-9 education as part of a public school district
and teacher education institution promoting the
development of competent and democratic citizens.


Mission Statement

To create a positive learning community
that will recognize, foster, and assess
 continuous improvement toward high levels
of academic and social achievement
for ALL students, pre-service teachers, faculty and staff.

Achievement is determined across broad educational goals by a variety of indicators including:

–National, State and Professional Standards

–Individual and Group Academic Performance

–Individual and Group Accomplishments

–Individual and Group Growth 


We are committed to involving all stakeholders in:

–Creating an inclusive, inviting learning community characterized by kindness and respect

–Developing interventions to support academic and personal excellence for every student


We will achieve our Mission by:

–Implementing research-based, best practices in education

–Promoting developmentally appropriate, differentiated instruction through multi-age grouping

–Emphasizing curriculum integration and collaboration with specialists to support learning in all areas

–Supporting an inclusive special education and gifted and talented delivery system

–Creating opportunities for engaged learning with attention to student choice within a framework of standards

–Treating children as scholars capable of independent research and self-directed learning

–Using student project presentations as a mode of developing and sharing knowledge

–Focusing on awareness of multicultural issues in the curriculum and culture of school

–Valuing diverse learning styles and developing a variety of learning tools and strategies

–Encouraging critical thinking problem solving and self-evaluation

–Integrating field studies, camps, and outdoor education to provide authentic, engaging learning 

–Developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for successful participation in democratic processes