Ms. Amen's


4th and 5th Grades

Ms. Amen’s Teaching Philosophy 

Students learn best when they are recognized, supported, and valued as individuals. Using place-based, project-based activities focused on students’ individual interests encourages them to become actively engaged in their own learning, which in turn empowers our students to seek out new learning opportunities. When students are engaged, physically, mentally, and emotionally in their own studies they will undoubtedly surpass classroom expectations and grade-level standards.

August-September 2019



Getting to know ourselves and each other; encouraging kindness; our cultural roots

Social Studies/Science  

Japan/WWII/Heart Mountain & Japanese Internment 

Wyoming “Indian Education for All”, the Shoshone, Arapaho, & Wind River Reservation

Science Notebooks & Standards

Wyoming Geology

Heart Mountain

Wind River Canyon

Snowy Range & Medicine Bow Peak (Rural School Hike TBA)

Laramie Valley 

Rural Science Days with Valley View & Centennial

Wyoming Agriculture in the Classroom, Wyoming Stewardship Project 

4th Grade Ag, Lessons 1 (Roots of Ag) & 2 (Hills and Valleys)

ELA: Wit & Wisdom, 5th Grade- Module 1 

Cultures in Conflict (The story of Chief Joseph and his people and westward expansion)


4th- reading and writing six digit numbers, reviewing the addition algorithm, and multiplication strategies

5th- reading and writing seven digit numbers, reviewing the multiplication algorithm, algebra order of operations, and volume