Report Card

The district report card has been designed to provide district stakeholders with data to support effective communication, system analysis, and improvement planning.

Se ha diseñado el informe estatal del distrito para proveer a las partes interesadas del distrito los datos que apoyan comunicación eficaz, análisis de sistemas y planificación de mejoramiento.

ACSD#1 District Report Card is available in other languages upon request. To request translation services please contact the Director of Curriculum at (307) 721-4400

El Informe Estatal del Distrito #1 de Condado Albany está disponible en otros idiomas a solicitud. Para ver el Informe en español, favor de hacer clic aquí.

District and School Accountability

All Wyoming elementary and middle schools receive one of four School Performance Ratings: Exceeding Expectations, Meeting Expectations, Partially Meeting Expectations, or Not Meeting Expectations. Four Indicators are used to inform the ratings: Achievement, Growth, Equity, and English Learner Progress (ELP) and different measures are used for each indicator. Please see below for additional information.

School Quality Indicators Report Card

Elementary/Middle School Indicator: EQUITY

80.0% Above Average

20.0% Average

High School Indicator: EQUITY

100.0% Average

High School Indicator: Post-Secondary Readiness

66.6% Average

33.3% Below Average

WY-ALT Report Card

The WY-Alternate (WY-ALT) is given once per year to students with significant cognitive disabilities in grades 3-10 in ELA and mathematics and in grades 4, 8, and 10 in science.

Student Participation Rate Report Card

English Language Arts Participation Rate Grades 3 to 10 is 99% – 100%

Math Participation Rate Grades 3 to 10 is 99% – 100%

ELL Report Card

There were 121 to 130 English Learners enrolled during the testing window.

Percent English Proficient – 16% to 18%