What are my virtual learning options?

There are options for students or parents who do not wish to send their students to class in person.

In district options are available, and parents should contact their child(ren)’s school(s) to learn how to sign up.

There are also out of district options available through Virtual 307, Connections Academy, Cowboy State Virtual Academy, and Wyoming Virtual Academy.

You can find more information on the virtual learning options on pages eight and nine of the latest OPERATIONS PLAN.

How are quarantine decisions made?

You can check the district’s DECISION GUIDE that will help you determine quarantine or isolation status if you or your child(ren) have been in close contact with a positive case.

Do students have to wear face masks on the bus?

Yes, all passengers, student or otherwise, who are on an Albany County School District #1 bus should wear a face mask.

How can I get my child(ren) a mask exemption?

First, any exemptions given before Sept. 8 will need to be re-evaluated because of the latest vote by the Board of Trustees to approve the most updated OPERATIONS PLAN.

Moving forward, Albany County School District #1 will only grant exemptions based on health reasons. The decision tree can be found HERE. At this time, the only acceptable health reason for a health exemption is if the child has any physical or intellectual condition that renders them unable to remove a face cover independently. A CONSENSUS STATEMENT writes that, except under very rare situations, if a child is healthy enough to attend school, they should be wearing a face mask.

When is the current mask requirement over?

The current plan was approved by the Board of Trustees on Sept. 8, and it is currently in place to end on Dec. 17. However, the Board has the opportunity to extend the requirement on its Dec. 8 meeting.

Additionally, if Albany County reaches a 70% vaccination rate, or if Albany County is in the Yellow on the Wyoming Department of Health’s COLOR-CODED GUIDE for three consecutive weeks, the Board can revisit the mask requirement earlier. You can find more information on these possible exit strategies on page five of the OPERATIONS PLAN.

Statement from Gov. Mark Gordon:

I have continually stated for the past few months that I would not order a statewide mask mandate, and that the decision to implement such a mandate should be made at the local level. Proper county authorities have the power to issue mask mandates when it is appropriate for their local health conditions. In addition to the counties’ authority, a question has arisen as to whether local school districts also have the authority to issue mask mandates for their students and staff. I believe that school districts have the authority to do so.

Wyoming law gives school districts the authority, and the duty, to provide a safe and secure school environment for students. Wyoming statutes charge school boards with the general operation of the public schools in their districts. Our courts have interpreted this authority to mean that school boards have related powers necessary to provide such a safe environment.

School districts exercise this authority in a variety of ways. One example would be school dress codes. Schools adopt dress codes which prohibit revealing clothing, gang-related clothing and clothing with suggestive language or alcohol, tobacco or illegal substance logos. The school district’s authority to issue a dress code is not specifically stated in statute but it derives from a district’s implied and incidental powers for the general operation of schools and is necessary to provide a safe and secure school environment. Under this same analysis, I believe that a school board has broad authority and may require students to wear masks even though it is not expressly stated in statute.

My student is vaccinated, do I have to keep them home after a close contact?

No, if your student has been vaccinated, they can keep attending school. The District asks that the student is monitored for the next 14 days for symptoms, and should be tested 3-5 days after the last known exposure to a positive case.

Where can I view all the details of the current COVID-19 Mitigation Plan?

All of the latest COVID-19 news and updates can be found on the district’s COVID-19 RESOURCES page.