Ms. Farley

Centennial Principal 

Ms. Farley is just a country girl from Torrington, Wyoming. She grew up with every sort of farm animal you could possibly image. She has five siblings and the very BEST and supportive parents. She continued her higher education in Flagstaff, Arizona at the Northern Arizona University. Once she completed her Master’s, Ms. Farley returned to Wyoming to start her teaching career in Glenrock. She eventually ended up in Laramie, where she married the sweetest man and had four amazing children. She feels extremely fortunate to work alongside the fantastic teachers and support staff at Centennial Valley School. She hopes that all of our families have an outstanding school year!

Name: Ms. Farley

Hometown: Torrington, WY

Siblings: Three sisters and two brothers

Favorite Type of Food: Asian

Favorite Dessert: Plain Cheesecake

Favorite Color: Red

If I could have one superpower, it would be: Flying

Favorite School Subject: Science

Favorite Childhood Book: Fables

Favorite Childhood Movie: Justin Morgan had a Horse

If I could be any animal, I would be: A dolphin

Hidden Talent: Ms. Farley won the award for Best Actress of the Year from the Wyoming Community Theatre

Favorite Holiday: Valentine’s Day

Ideal Vacation: Anything near water!!

When I was in Elementary School, I wanted to be: A marine biologist