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John Weigel
Assistant Superintendent
Curriculum, Instruction & Accountability
Phone: (307)721-4400

Pat McLean
Administrative Assistant
Curriculum, Instruction & Accountability


ACSD#1 National Board Certified Teacher Gallery (More Teachers coming soon!)

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Curriculum Mapping PD Day, September 28, 2015:

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Team Building & Curriculum Strategizing at Rubicon, Portland, OR, August 2015:


District Log in for Atlas:

District Leaders engage in PLC Training:

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The Wyoming Accountability in Education Act (WAEA) is the statewide education accountability system enacted by the legislature in 2013.
Below are the published Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents:
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pdficon_small Assessment
pdficon_small Standards

Wyoming Content and Performance Standards:

Career & Vocational Education 2014

English Lanugage Arts 2011

Fine and Performing Arts 2013

Foreign Language 2014

Health 2012

Math 2011

PE 2014

Science 2008

Social Studies 2014

ACSD#1 School Comprehensive Improvement Plans

2015-2016 Early Literacy Plan: Albany County School District #1

Current Assessment Results

District Accreditation Final Presentation

District Accreditation Final Report

Graduation Rates 2013-2015

High School Graduation Requirements

ACT Suite 2014-2015-Grades 11-10-9

PAWS 4 Year Average 2011-2015

PAWS and WY-ALT-Schools Aggregated 2014-2015


The Hathaway Scholarship Program

This is a link to the Wyoming Department of Education State Report Cards
State Report Cards