Our school day will be extended by a few minutes beginning next Monday, April 12.

The new schedule will look like this:

Current Dismissal: Starting April 12th:
A-L 2:30 New Time: 2:45
M-Z 2:40 New Time: 2:50
Bus/Van 2:50 New Time: 3:00


Even though our survey support for this change was overwhelmingly in favor, we know that there are a few families that will struggle with the adjustment. If this is you, please contact your teacher or me directly. We have options within this schedule that can help. 

A quick note about schedules:

Several of you have asked about adding time to our morning rather than the afternoon dismissal. If this were possible we would certainly be looking to do so. Our morning drop-off is integrated into other district systems. Afternoons are more independent and make it possible for us to make Beitel-only changes. 

Registration Now Open

All children who will be five (5) years old on or before August 1, 2021 may enroll in kindergarten.  Click HERE for important information from Albany County School District #1 regarding a change in the age requirement for kindergarten registration.

Registration will be online this year -- Kindergarten Pre-Registration Form

You must register your child at the school in your home boundary area. 

Please complete the online registration.  Upon completion you will be required to bring your child’s state birth certificate and current immunization records to Beitel for us to make copies.

Please call Bodwin Denison at 307-721-4436 with any questions.



Dual Language Immersion Lottery Information

Albany County School District #1 is continuing to offer a Spanish and English Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program for students who will be in 1st – 5th grades this fall.  Grades 1st and 2nd are at Slade Elementary and grades 3rd-5th are at Indian Paintbrush Elementary and Spring Creek Elementary. Please click HERE for the DLI Informational Flyer in English. For the Spanish version, please click here.

There are two requirements to successfully apply for the 1st grade DLI lottery at Slade:

* Attend the Dual Language Immersion informational session on Thursday, April 1st at 6:00 pm via Zoom OR complete the equivalent online DLI informational component linked HERE. Please make sure you log into the online informational component with your full name and complete the entire presentation.

* Complete the online application, linked here, by April 6th.

A 1st grade lottery for 2021-2022 will be held on Wednesday, April 7th.


ACSD1 and Beitel Remain Safe and Open

News from Albany County and around the nation is not good on the Covid-19 front. What does this mean for our school and school district?

Right now, school buildings are the safest places for students and staff in the county. It is true that the school district has experienced positive cases and numerous exposures leading to quarantine among staff and students. To date, however, none of these has been linked to spread in a school building. Each has been linked to community spread in one form or another. Given this, we believe that keeping schools open as much and as long as possible is the safest and best course moving forward. 

ACSD1 employs a regimen of hand washing, sanitizing, masks, and social distancing that exceeds CDC and Wyoming Department of Health guidelines. This has greatly reduced risk and allowed us to remain in session since August. 

Bottom line: ACSD1 and Beitel Elementary remain safe and open!

Virtual Transition Planning

working bulldog

Since early August the Albany County School District has been planning how to serve kids totally digitally. Should our school or our entire system need to make this switch we want families to be ready as well. We've created several presentations to share many of the big details about Classroom Based Virtual Instruction (CBVI) in Albany County. Please note that there are no current plans to go totally virtual. However, we are ready to do so if needed.

Listed below are presentations shared in November and December about our virtual plans and ways to support you and your student(s) should that ever happen. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts about what you see.

Click Here for Albany County CBVI- Beitel December

Click Here for Albany County CBVI- Beitel October/November



White Cane Awareness Day Governor's Proclamation Video

Governor Mark Gordon has proclaimed October 15th White Cane Awareness Day in Wyoming! He joined Beitel students at a socially-distanced assembly at Washington Park to sign the official proclamation. Governor Gordon then joined our Bulldogs in a white cane walk around the park.

Many thanks go to the Beitel staff and volunteers for the planning, preparation, and on-site support of this event!

Click Here for Video



Lunch Schedules

Kindergarten Classes:  11:00 - 11:40 

First Grade Classes:  11:00 - 11:40 

Second Grade Classes:  11:50 - 12:30

Third Grade Classes:  11:50 - 12:30

Fourth Grade Classes:  12:40 - 1:20

Fifth Grade Classes:  12:40 - 1:20 



School Schedule


Morning soft start drop off time is the following:   

8:00 -8:25 am.  Please drop off your student at their classroom door. No earlier than 8:00.   

Afternoon soft pick up schedule is the following:

Last names: A-L at 2:30 pm. (half days 11:00 am) please pick up your student at their classroom door.

Last names: M-Z at 2:40 pm. (half days 11:10 am) Please pick up your student at their classroom door.

Bus Riders: at 2:50 pm. (half days 11:20 am)

CBVI Lunch Order Link


Use this link to order lunch: