News from Albany County and around the nation is not good on the Covid-19 front. What does this mean for our school and school district?

Right now, school buildings are the safest places for students and staff in the county. It is true that the school district has experienced positive cases and numerous exposures leading to quarantine among staff and students. To date, however, none of these has been linked to spread in a school building. Each has been linked to community spread in one form or another. Given this, we believe that keeping schools open as much and as long as possible is the safest and best course moving forward. 

ACSD1 employs a regimen of hand washing, sanitizing, masks, and social distancing that exceeds CDC and Wyoming Department of Health guidelines. This has greatly reduced risk and allowed us to remain in session since August. 

Bottom line: ACSD1 and Beitel Elementary remain safe and open!