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Dear Beitel Families:
It’s hard to believe that we’re talking about Halloween at school already! The pandemic has affected all aspects of life and will have an impact on Halloween celebrations at Beitel as well. We will be celebrating, but in different ways. In order to keep humans healthy and to keep schools open, here’s what to expect:
  • Yes! Wear a costume if you like! There are some expectations:
    • No gore or weapons
    • Costumes will be worn all day as we don’t have the ability to social distance AND provide changing space for everyone.
    • Costumes must allow for participation in all school activities- PE, sitting in a desk, etc.
    • No costume masks or special make-up. (We need to keep hands away from faces)
    • Regular masks and social distancing are still expected- even with a costume.
    • If the above makes your costume impractical, or if you don’t have a costume, wear pajamas to school on the 30th!
We will not be holding a costume parade this year. Kids will remain in their classroom cohorts and will not travel to other rooms.
Even on Halloween, visitors are still not allowed at Albany County schools.
Classrooms will be hosting Halloween parties for part of the day. Sealed treats from a commercial bakery are welcome. Currently homemade items are not. Teachers will be contacting you regarding your classroom’s specific details.
We’re looking forward to the day when all of this can return to “normal.” For now, we thank you for your help keeping everyone healthy and our school fully open.
Loren Engel
Beitel Elementary Principal