Laramie High School

End of the Year Events
Prom – 2021 LHS Senior Prom is scheduled for May 1st at the Hilton Garden Inn Convention Center at 8pm. This venue was selected based on the largest occupancy limit available to us. All seniors are invited to attend this year’s Sr. Prom. Seniors will also be able to invite a single guest. Due to occupancy limits only seniors and their guest will be able to purchase tickets for prom at this time. Lastly, the Convention Center currently has an occupancy limit of 300 guests at a time, this could change before the event. Should maximum capacity be reached a waiting area will be made available for students until room in the Convention Center is available. If the governor’s health order limiting occupancy changes before April 23rd and a higher occupancy is allowable we will work to create a more traditional Prom for both our Junior and Senior Classes. Please remember there is a strict no re-entry policy in place for the Pro, and any out of guests are required to have an out of town guest form completed.

Grand March will be in the LHS Theater starting promptly at 6:30p. All Seniors and Juniors students are welcome to patriciate in the Grand March Event (in appropriate dress). As students parade though designated areas of the building there will be opportunities to take pictures as well as be announced in multiple areas. At the conclusion of Grand March festivities will be moved to the Hilton Garden Inn where only guests with tickets will be allowed.

Graduation – At this time Laramie High School has been approved to have its graduation at the University of Wyoming’s Area Auditorium on Friday May 28th. LHS will be working with UW’s staff to finalize details in the weeks to come. At this time all graduates will be allowed 4 guests to attend, and it will be live streamed. I will continue to communicate information about graduation as I get it.

Senior Awards Night – Will be held Tuesday May 11th (more information to come)

The following is the schedule of events for the week of May 24th:
Tuesday May 25th – Seniors Last Day of School
Wednesday May 26th – Senior Check Out & Capping Ceremony
Thursday May 27th – Baccalaureate (At this time this event and possible location are tentative)
Friday May 28th – Graduation Rehearsal & GRADUATION

Up-Coming Schedule:
Week of April 19th – WyTopp testing week LHS will be on a block schedule that week.
During the week of April 19th, 9th and 10th Grades students will be taking the Statewide Proficiency Exams. Laramie High School attempted to administer the Winter WyTopp using 50 minute class periods in January. We learned that to give our students the best possible opportunity to take their time and not feel rushed, we would use our old 91 minute block schedule. This will allow students plenty of time to take the assessment. That is why the week of April 19th we will be using the following bell schedule:

Monday/Wednesday (1,3,5,7) & Tuesday/Thursday (2,4,6,I&E)

1st/2nd Block: 7:55-9:26
3rd/4th Block: 9:31-11:02
Lunch – 11:02-11:48
5th/6th Block: 11:53-1:24
7th/ I & E Block: 1:29-3:00
**During I&E any student failing any classes will be expected to stay. All students may stay on campus for additional instruction

On Friday April 23rd we will have a regular non-I&E 7 period class day
1st 7:55a – 8:45a (50 min)
2nd 8:50a – 9:40a
3rd 9:45a – 10:35a
4th 10:40a – 11:30a
LUNCH 11:30 – 12:15
5th 12:20p – 1:10p
6th 1:15p – 2:05p
7th 2:10p – 3:00p

Current Bell Schedule
Starting on April 26th we will go back to our Tier I Bell Schedule. Laramie High School’s Friday schedule will look different as students will follow a modified 1-7 bell schedule that will conclude at 1:10pm immediately followed with our Intervention and Enrichment (I&E) Block. I&E will run from 1:10pm to 3:00pm on Fridays to allow for students to complete projects, assessments, or labs that require more than a 50-minute window of time. Laramie High School has utilized this type of additional support (also formerly known as Student Enrichment Block or SEB) for almost 20 years and teachers have come to rely on this opportunity to target specific students in specific ways to support their success. Students will be released from I&E if they are passing all classes and the students’ parent/guardian do not choose to have them stay. During this block of time, no new instruction will be presented, but students will have access and opportunity to improve or enrich their comprehension of the curriculum, make up assignments, or complete assessments. Transportation will remain the same in the morning, and we will have regular transportation for students on Friday that are dismissed early as well as additional transportation students that are expected to attend I&E.

Bell Schedule (Monday-Thursday):
1st 7:55a – 8:45a (50 min)
2nd 8:50a – 9:40a
3rd 9:45a – 10:35a
4th 10:40a – 11:30a
LUNCH 11:30 – 12:15
5th 12:20p – 1:10p
6th 1:15p – 2:05p
7th 2:10p – 3:00p

1st 7:55a – 8:30a (35 min)
2nd 8:35a – 9:10a
3rd 9:15a – 9:50a
4th 9:55a – 10:30a
Lunch 10:30a – 11:10a
5th 11:15a – 11:50a
6th 11:55a – 12:30p
7th 12:35 – 1:10
****I&E 1:15p – 3:00p

Available Scholarship Applications
There are scholarship applications still available for Seniors to complete. If your Senior is looking for more scholarships to apply for, please have them visit with their school counselor. In addition, all scholarship applications are posted on the LHS website and we post announcements regularly on our Facebook page for any new applications that we receive.

Summer Drivers Education
This summer we will continue to have our Summer School Driver Education Program. For information about price, availability and time slots please email Mr. Pommarane @, or call the LHS counseling department at 307-721-4488

Rock River

Students of the Week
We are proud to inform Longhorn Nation of the 3 Student of the Week winners from this week!

The first student we’d like to recognize is a 1 st grader in Ms. Bowers’s class. Letty B. is being recognized for many reasons. Letty is a hard-working young lady who is willing to help others. She is on task, does her best work, and shows great patience to her classmates. Great job Letty!

Our second student we’d like to recognize is a 10th grader named Jaeden C. Jaeden has worked very hard this year to improve herself academically. She is responsible and always puts her best effort into her work and her relationships. She is a student teachers and students can count on. We appreciate her positive attitude and kind personality!

Our last student is a high school senior, Shaylynn V. Shaylynn has become a great leader this year for our younger students. She is positive, works hard, stays on task, and always strives to do her best. We are proud to have Shaylynn as a part of Longhorn Nation.

Congratulations students on your selection as Student of the Week! We appreciate you!

Laramie Middle School

Hapi-ness 5k
The 36th annual Hapi-ness 5k will be held on Saturday, May 8th at 9:00. Registration and sign up will begin at 8:00 am. In order to receive a race t-shirt, participants must register by April 29th. The race is open to runners and walkers of all abilities. The Hapi-ness 5K was founded in 1987 by the LMS ninth grade class in memory of their classmate Hapi Patterson who passed away due to leukemia. Since then numerous families have received help with their medical bills as a result of the Hapi-ness 5K. This year’s proceeds will help families and individuals in need in our community. Please use this link to register and watch the video below to learn more about the Hapi-ness 5K.

WY-TOPP Testing
We will continue with WY-TOPP testing this week using our block day schedule. Tuesday is an even day and Wednesday will be an odd day. Monday, Thursday, and Fridays will be all days. School starts and dismisses at our normal times each day. It is important that students bring their Chromebooks to school fully charged each day and are well rested.

12-Week Grade Reports
We are nearing the end of the school year. Please help us finish strong. We’ve come a long way and we are excited to put an exclamation point on the school year. Twelve week grade reports will be mailed out on Friday. Please review your student’s report with them and contact teachers with any questions. Scout Learning Lab is held after school Monday-Thursday for students who need additional time and support. Make it a great week!

Beitel Elementary School

Classes for Next Year
Beitel is beginning to look ahead to the next school year. Our most important task is also a very complex one –placing students in new classes. Because we value your insights about your child’s learning style and unique needs and abilities, we want to hear from you! Between now and Friday, April 30, parents are encouraged to write to the principal about next year’s classes. Please include any information that you feel is important. We are especially interested in information about the situations in which you feel your child works best. Please also include information about your child’s strengths and areas in which you would like to see growth. Your letter may be as brief or as long as you wish. Feel free to send a message to our office or directly to Mr. Engel.

Please do not request a specific teacher. We are seeking information that will allow us to place your student in the best possible educational environment. We may very well see several new teachers in our building next year. The best fit for your child may be the teacher you have not met yet! Please send your letter by April 30 if it is later than that we are unable to use it. We use both teacher and parent input to help formulate class groups for the next year.

Indian Paintbrush Elementary School

Protect the Herd
This past week, we were reminded that we still must Protect the Herd and maintain our guidelines. Please remember that the expectation when you are on our campus is to have your masks on. The more we do now, hopefully the less we do later. This was always going to be a marathon experience, but I hope the finish line is in sight. Please read the following from our school nurse on current precautions to keep in mind:

Please do not send your student to school with any cold or allergy symptoms including a cough, runny nose or congestion, sore throat, stomachache, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue or loss of taste or smell. We are still seeing COVID in our community and schools. Students that have any symptoms need to stay home until they have been symptom free for 24 hours and then can return to school. If the community spread continues to increase, we will need to go back to staying home for 10 days or a negative COVID test or a doctor’s note. ACSD 1 monitors the metrics on the Wyoming Department of Health website to determine the community spread. Thank you so much for your help in this.

Art Fundraiser
The Spring Art Fundraiser is on its way! This is an amazing opportunity to help raise funds for the art program through the PTA. All money raised will go directly to purchasing art supplies for your students. This will look like new classroom packs of art supplies such as color sticks and oil pastels, surface texture tools and glaze for clay, liquid watercolor, construction paper, and so forth. My goal is to provide the space for students to experiment and grow in a variety of art mediums as well as to discover lifelong interest within the arts. Please take the time to read this attachment.

Spring Creek Elementary School

End of the Year Talent Show
Plans have begun for our annual Spring Creek Talent Show! Our show is set for Friday May 28th at 8:30a.m. via videos sent from parents to Mrs. Main and then live streamed, (A link will be emailed out to parents and staff, and it will also be recorded for later viewing). Kindergarten through fifth grade is invited to participate. Acceptable talents could include singing, dancing, martial arts, comedy, playing an instrument etc. If singing, you need to have a back-up CD or ipod without vocals. YouTube can be used, but advertisements etc. would need to be deleted prior to sending a video. Lip syncing is not acceptable. and itunes have many songs without vocals.

• Talent show is always voluntary, NOT REQUIRED!
• There will be NO Auditions.
• All of the practice/rehearsal needs to take place at home.
• Music has to be appropriate for the school setting.
• All performances will be two and a half minutes or less.
• Your video will be viewed by Mrs. Main. If there are any issues I will contact you.
• MP4 format is requested for ease of splicing quickly.
• Videos are due to Mrs. Main by Friday, May 21st.

Please have your video dubbed at two and a half minutes or know that your child will be faded out. Your child will be shown on YouTube on our school channel. If you are not ok with this they won’t be able to take part this year. Thanks, and if you have questions please call or email Mrs. Main at the school.

Slade Elementary School

Teacher Appreciation Week
Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner. A kind letter of appreciation is always a treasured gift for our teachers. Your child will be bringing home a bag with postcards inside. Please take a moment to write a note of thanks to a teacher or staff member at Slade. Return the cards to school with your child and we will get the postcards to the right person. There are three cards in the bag. If you need more, please contact the front office.

The Artful Craft of Science (TACoS)
The Artful Craft of Science (TACoS) summer camp is back again for Summer 2021.
Due to the great feedback for students across the state to participate, UWyo faculty will be hosting TACoS VII virtually. All upcoming 5th & 6th graders are invited to participate with their parents!

Each parent/student can pick up materials (or they can be mailed to a home address).
This year there are expanded time options!
– Videos will be available starting the week of July 5th, and the final virtual celebration is in mid-August (around August 18th).
– Parents/guardians will be emailed a group of pre-recorded videos and activity directions and they can work with their student at their own pace.
– Working with parents/guardians, students can follow the pre-recorded videos and use the materials that were mailed to complete the different sessions.

There are 5 planned sessions that parents/guardians can work through with the student at their own pace:
1. Chemistry – Geology and Weathering
2. Computer Science – Micro:bit activities
3. Microbes and Art – Photogram activities
4. Science Loves Art – Marbling activities
5. MiliporeSigma Curiosity Labs

If you are interested in participating in these activities, please sign up your student at this link:
(Note that TACoS VII can only accept ~80 students due to materials and other costs)

Parent sign-up link for TACoS VII is linked right here.