ACSD#1 Employees took a survey last week that was similar to the survey we asked employees to complete at the end of March 2020 (just prior to launching the Virtual Learning Model).  I shared the survey report with employees, but there are a few highlights to mention in today’s blog.

The March 2020 survey was sent to all employees and 481 employees responded out of a possible 716 emails sent.  The April survey had 371 anonymous responses.

We asked the question, “How are You Feeling” and the results from both surveys were fairly comparable.  The following table shows the percentage of employees who responded in each of the categories:

Category March 30 Survey April 15 Survey
All Sunshine 7% 4%
Partly Sunny 30% 35%
Mild 32% 32%
A little rainy 26% 26%
Extra Stormy 5% 2%


The general feeling of most employees did not change during the past three weeks, but the answer to the follow up question, “What Makes You Feel This Way” showed that “uncertainty” diminished and there was less concern about working remotely.  Please compare the two word clouds from the two surveys.  The sentiment went from  “uncertainty” to a focus on “student, work, and learning”, but at the same time, there were many expressions of feeling “overwhelmed” with the pace of learning required to move to a virtual learning environment (both for teachers and students).

The surveys also captured the concern for health and well-being during this time as well as a concern for family and students.  The caring nature of our employees continues to resonate in comments and attitudes shared in the pulse surveys.



Another question asked on both surveys is whether our employees have the resources they needed to work remotely. ACSD#1 has worked diligently for the past couple of weeks to make sure that students and teachers are connected and can continue to build relationships. The following table shows the percentage of employees who responded that they agree or disagree with the following statement:
“I have the resources I need to be effective in my work.”

Category March 30 Survey April 15 Survey
Strongly Agree 12% 39%
Agree 46% 45%
Neither agree or disagree 22% 9%
Somewhat disagree 14% 5%
Strongly Disagree 5% 2%

Most of our employees have the resources they need to work remotely. We still have some work to do, but there was a significant difference in the percentage of employees who now have the tools and knowledge they need to work remotely.

Even though our employees feel a sense of “being overwhelmed”, our employees feel that the work is challenging and rewarding.  The following word cloud captures the additional comments ACSD#1 employees offered at the end of the survey.  There is a general sense of gratitude, support, and a positive outlook as a whole.

The survey did identify some areas for the district to consider.  We are paying attention to the work/life balance of our employees, and the amount of work that is required of students.  We continue to value the feedback we receive from parents, teachers, and students.


Stay Diligent

Finally, just a reminder to stay diligent with social distancing and staying home.  Wyoming is still showing an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus, but I believe that our efforts with social distancing have limited the spread in Albany County.  Be safe and stay healthy.