Laramie Middle School Teachers OWL Information


L/R:  Jamie Simmons, Anne Moore, Lisa Theis, Mickey Murray, Jake Chick, and Travis Miller receive an OWL from Lisa Theis, School Success Liaison.

Lisa Theis writes:

While LMS is full of incredibly amazing people there are five of them that I feel should be recognized for their flexibility, patience, generosity and compassion. Mickey Murray, Anne Moore, Jamie Simmons, Jake Chick and Travis Miller.

Every month when it comes time to prepare and set up for the food commodities distribution the four PE teachers… Mickey Murray, Anne Moore, Jamie Simmons, and Jake Chick are more than willing to share their space in the small gym. This often means that whichever teacher is teaching in the small gym during this time is utilizing half the space for their activities, changing locations or combining classes…all of this to ensure that students still have the opportunity to learn while we are opening up our hearts and doors to welcome our district families each and every month.

As for Travis Miller, our Student Leadership Team Adviser, there are also not enough words to describe what an amazing job he does with his students. He has set the bar high as far as expectations and each and every time these students surpass the baseline. His students continuously go above and beyond the call of duty and often have a plan of how to “run the show” before I have all the details organized for the distribution days. I appreciate how he incorporates these set up days into his classroom and allows for flexibility in his teaching time. I also appreciate that he has allowed his room to become a storage unit when we ran out of space in my room for items that were left over and awaiting a new home. : )

I know that these adjustments can be an inconvenience but I am never made to feel this way when working to coordinate set up times with these five incredible people. In fact these teachers pick me up when I am feeling overwhelmed and whenever possible they also encourage their students to participate in the set up process. I feel this opportunity gives the students a sense of pride as they learn that they are doing something for the greater good of our school community even though it may be hard work or not as fun as what they could be doing in their classes. The kids ask great questions about the purpose of having so much food in one place, they challenge themselves to not give up and encourage peers when struggling with hauling a heavy load on a dolly or cart.

Every time the gentleman from the Food Bank of the Rockies shows up he always makes a comment about how amazing the kids are and how quickly and efficiently they work as soon as the pallets come off the truck. He usually expects to have to pick up the pallets when he returns back each month but to his surprise they are all unloaded by the time the last paper is signed off on and he is ready to head out.