Savannah Cowdin OWL Information

Savanna Cowdin receives an OWL award from Steve Slyman, presented by Heather Moro.  Read More

A message from Steve Slyman, Director of Individualized Instructional Programs to Savanna Cowdin:

I just wanted to touch base with you following the IEP meeting last night for your student.

I was SO impressed by your knowledge, understanding and relationship with this obviously troubled child that I left Slade saying to myself, “What a miracle for him to end up in her class…WOW!!”

You have not only provided him an education (demonstrated by his academic progress), but you’ve also provided him a place of warmth and safety where he can improve his social, emotional and behavioral skills through your instruction, patience, modeling, and high expectations.

I really can’t express my thanks to you enough for your work with this child and every other child you encounter in your day.

I want to recommend you for an OWL award, but in my book it needs to be a WOW AWARD!!!