Certified Salary Advancement Guidelines

Click Here to Refer to Administrative Regulation 5005AR, Certified Employee Hiring and Experience Procedures

Education Level Attainment

Educational degrees will be recognized for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate. Additional college credit will be acknowledged in accordance with the salary schedule: bachelors plus 15 graduate credit hours, or master’s plus 30 graduate credit hours. In order for credit hours to count toward horizontal salary advancement, the credit must be earned after the lower degree was conferred or earned outside of the specific degree as indicated by the official transcript.

Educational Advancement

· Educational advancement will be done twice a year by the school district:  Employees must submit a transcript when all the hours have been completed for advancement to the next level.  For example, once 15 additional graduate credit hours have been attained beyond the bachelor’s degree, the employee can request a transcript be sent to the Human Resources department for advancement consideration.

  1. Deadline for advancement at the start of the school year is August 20th
  2. Deadline for the advancement during the second semester (February paycheck) is January 20th

· Advancement on the salary schedule requires graduate level courses from an accredited college or university.  If the college or university is not accredited, then prior approval must be obtained from the superintendent.

· A letter grade of C or above on a letter grade system, or S on an S/U system, shall be required for credits to be approved.

· Horizontal advancement on the salary schedule will be on the same step rather than start at step one on a new column.