OWL Outstanding Wisdom and Leadership/Learning

Beth Medina

Lisa Theis presents Bethel Medina with an OWL recognition.  Read more

Cathy Fairfield

Jacey Chesla and Dave Hardesty present Cathy Fairfield an OWL recognition for Cathy’s warmth, patience, and caring for students at Linford Elementary.

Cindy Kelly

Cindy Kelly receives an OWL recognition and a big “thank you” from Mary Cruz. Mary commented that Cindy “touches the lives of students and teachers at Spring Creek.”  Read More

Doug Brenneman

Amanda Barham presents an OWL recognition to Doug Brenneman at Laramie Middle School for his work that is “above and beyond” to assist students in the Industrial Arts classes.

Ivalene Dean

Ivalene Dean receives an OWL recognition from Lisa Johnson for Ivalene’s passion for music at Beitel Elementary. Read More


Jake Chick

Lisa Theis presents Jake Chick with an OWL.  Read More


Jamie Simmons

Jamie Simmons receive an OWL from Lisa Theis.  Read More

Micky Murray

Jake Harris is recognized with an OWL by Lisa Theis.  Read More

Travis Miller

Travis Miller receives an OWL recognition from Lisa Theis.  Read More

Willie Stuart

Ashlee Byrd offers a thumbs up and a special OWL recognition to Willie Stuart for having a “lifetime” influence on her.

Savannah Cowdin

Savanna Cowdin receives an OWL award from Steve Slyman, presented by Heather Moro.  Read More

Haley Garver and Elena Martinez

Principal Heather Moro presents Haley Garver and Elena Martinez with an OWL award for their willingness to step forward as leaders.   Read More