Laramie Middle School Paraeducators OWL Information

Front row:  Christi Campsey, Molly Martin and Houston
Back row:  Louis Johnston, Ryan Reynolds, Ashley Rowe, Julie Wright, Carol Uhl, Leighann Friedrichs

Christi Campsey writes:

I LOVE my job! I look forward to coming to school each and everyday to work with the most amazing team I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have had several substitutes in my classroom who always comment on the amazing team we have in this area. I always agree. They go above and beyond to make our students feel safe and welcome each day. They make life and learning fun for the PLS students. I see it in the smiles and attitudes of the students. They love learning and it infects our classes. Our students are growing and it is because of our amazing team. We work with a difficult population of students too. My team takes everything in stride and are flexible with whatever the day throws at us. I would like to nominate my group for an OWL award this year because of the amazing group of staff I work with on a daily basis. They are truly amazing and they deserve being recognized for it! It is truly an honor to be apart of this amazing group of staff members. I appreciate you considering them for the award!