Education is certainly a large part of Kim Sorenson’s life. He was a teacher and education administrator for over 40 years before he retired, and his wife recently retired from her career as a teacher. Sorenson has served at nearly every level of education, elementary, high school and post-high school. It was a natural step for him to take on a new adventure on the school board.

“From being a teacher, virtually from kindergarten through post-high school because I taught at LCCC, as well, being an administrator from elementary through high school, and as a coach and an activities person, I just thought I might have skills from those experiences that might be useful to the district,” Sorenson said. “My personal skills are I’ve always been a volunteer, not afraid to jump in. I’ve become a good listener. I don’t have a problem with making decisions. I try to be as transparent as possible and always tell the truth.”

But making the move from a career in education to running for school board did have a few unexpected hurdles. For one, he had to switch from the educator mind set to one of a politician.

“This has been a whole new ball game for me. From being a teacher, an administrator and all the other things I’ve done in education, being ‘a politician’ has been a whole new thing,” Sorenson said. “I had to learn how to place signs, what kind of slogans to come up with, and all those types of things. I always fell back on the vision, mission and belief statements that I developed as a teacher and an administrator, but it was very different.”

The timing was right this year for Sorenson, since he and his wife are now both retired from education. He said he is now able to vote without any possible kind of conflict of interest. Sorenson is also one to volunteer for the hard work, and with the COVID pandemic and all the related issues affecting the community, he raised his hand again to ask to be one of the people to help steer the District through these times.

“My history as an administrator has always been volunteering when things are going through a rough patch,” Sorenson said. “I think the COVID and all of the different things that have developed because of it, whether it’s the budget, staffing, course offerings, curriculum, and all those things being affected, made me want to help and be part of that. Whatever I can do to help and assist students and the district as a whole is what I want to accomplish.”

When his term starts on Dec. 1, Sorenson will be ready to get to work. In fact, people are already reaching out to him about what he will do.

“Respect is something you have to earn,” Sorenson said. “That’s why the time between the election and the time you take it on officially is maybe the hardest part. You have people communicating with you or asking for assistance, but there’s really nothing you can do yet because you have an existing board, and they need to be able to finish their terms without any kind of interference. You also don’t know all the inner workings and don’t have access to all the information that’s being used to make decisions. That’s difficult. So, you’re hoping over time, people will see you for what you want to be, which is honest, hard-working, and transparent.”

With his spot on the school board secured, Sorenson recognized the people that helped him earn his spot, especially his wife.

“I’m retired, I retired six years ago, and my wife just retired, and I think she observed what that looks like,” Sorenson said. “So, when you dive in to something new, I certainly have to thank her first for allowing me to pursue this rather than fishing with her every day, or whatever the things were that we planned to do when we retired. She’s been very supportive. I also want to thank the parents and the staff. I was told I have name recognition, and I had to have that proven to me. I think I’m a lot like many people, in that I remember all the good times, but I also remember the times that I may not have met expectations, and I worried about that. I really want to thank the people that voted for me, that gave me a shot, and I hope I don’t let them down.”

The Albany County School District is excited to add Kim Sorenson to the school board starting on Dec. 1, 2020.