LARAMIE, Wyo. (December 28, 2020) – Jamin Johnson was first appointed to the Albany County School District Board of Trustees to fill a vacancy. So, despite winning re-election in November, this was his first election cycle.

“I was excited,” Johnson said of winning re-election. “I was excited to be able to keep working and keep moving forward. Honestly, I was a little bit relieved.”

Johnson said he learned a lot during the election process, and in turn grew a lot as a person and board member. Now that he has another term on the board of trustees to look forward to, Johnson is ready to continue watching out for those that might not have the strongest voices.

“Just knowing that I have the opportunity to continue to be a voice for some of the people within our district who maybe traditionally haven’t had a voice: our paras, our bus drivers, and our monitors,” Johnson said. “That they feel like they’re represented in the school’s decisions making and have a voice is important to me and that’s what really motivated me to pursue this second term.”

Entering his second term on the board of trustees, Johnson understands the importance of listening and collaborating with the rest of the board. At the same time, Johnson knows he is there because his constituents trust him and his decision-making process.

“I learned how important it is to listen to the opinions of my colleagues and let their knowledge help to inform my decision-making, but to make my own independent decisions and stand by them,” Johnson said. “Then, at the end of the day, after we do that, recognize that we’re all just trying to do what’s best and move on to the next thing and not get wrapped up in the decisions we made yesterday.”

Parents in Albany County will know that Johnson will try to do what is best for the students because above all else, Johnson is a passionate parent, just like they are.

“I think my ultimate hope is they would view me as another parent, a person who is passionate about making sure all of our kids have the highest-quality education and opportunities to excel in the areas that best match the needs of our kids,” Johnson said. “If I have one hope, it would be that other parents in this district recognize that I’m a passionate parent just like them.”

Johnson hopes, as a parent and as someone who tries to look out for potentially under-represented groups, that schools in Albany County can come out of the pandemic strong and return to normal as soon as possible.

“My main hope is that we can return our kids and our staff to some sense of normalcy so that we are able to just feel like we’re in a more secure place,” Johnson said. “And ultimately, make sure that we can provide this amazing education to all of the kids in Albany County, regardless of where they live, what school they are in, and their circumstances.”

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