Ivalene Dean OWL Information

Ivalene Dean receives an OWL recognition from Lisa Johnson for Ivalene’s passion for music at Beitel Elementary.

A statement about Ivalene Dean from teacher Lisa Johnson:

I was honored to give Mrs. Ivalene Dean an OWL pin today for her outstanding performance as a teacher.  I chose Ivalene for the obvious reason of her passion in music.  She passes on a love of performing to all Beitel students.  She puts in extra time preparing for performances.  She does a Kinder performance, a 1-2 performance, 3-4 performance and a special performance for our 5th graders along with choir and drum circle.  She also does band. She is in charge of our Beitel Talent show and often puts things together for our assemblies.  I’m really not sure how she does it all but she does it with a smile.

I also gave her this award for the not so obvious reason which is:

Mrs. Dean was  asked this year to not only be a music teacher but a reading teacher and she got “stuck” with first grade (among others).  This was out of her comfort zone and she was not feeling like we would be doing what was right by kids by having her teach reading.  However, feeling like she was pushed into a corner and had no choice she put on her smile (like the performer she was born to be) and  she began working with small groups in first grade.  Since that time she has came to me on several occasions to “thank” me for letting her work with those kids.  She has helped them become stronger readers and opened their world to a tremendous amount of vocabulary which they come back to class eager to share and use in their world!  At the end of this quarter I told her I was giving her a gift by letting her have a few days without kids and she begged me to let her keep her group so she could finish up.   Seeing this growth and passion that she now has for teaching reading and music makes her a PERFECT candidate for the OWL award!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Thank you Mrs. Dean for stepping out of your comfort zone and thank you Dr. Yennie for planting a seed in me to let her know how remarkable she is.  She truly deserves this OWL!  (credit to Mr. Engel for the picture)