LARAMIE, Wyo. (May 6, 2021) – Third grade students at Indian Paintbrush Elementary School (IPES) participated in a high-altitude balloon launch in conjunction with the University of Wyoming (UW) NASA Space Grant Consortium this morning. The event was planned to be a fun event that rounded out the students’ weather science unit.

Third grade students created payloads that were attached to a parachute and then attached to the balloon. The UW team sent up GPS tracking devices and cameras so students can see how high and how far the balloon went. Then, when the balloon is collected, they can watch on what happened to the balloon by replaying the cameras’ videos.

Some items sent into the sky by students include a rose, a marshmallow Peep, and a bag of chips. The students will examine what happens to those items at high altitudes after they are collected and they watch the video. Students were excited to do a count down from “five” before the balloon was let go and soared into the sky.

The UW team expects the balloon to reach nearly 100,000 feet of altitude before popping. They also calculated the landing spot as somewhere south of Cheyenne near the Colorado border.

More information on the high-altitude balloon program can be found here.

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